MotoGP 20 is heading out on track this April

MotoGP 20, the latest iteration of Milestone’s premier motorbike racing game, is heading to release on 23rd April for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

An April release date would be the earliest that a Milestone MotoGP game has been released in the year, coming just a few weeks after the start of the 2020 MotoGP Championship. Even so, Milestone hope to push forward with game improvements and new features.

The Managerial Career is returning, having debuted in 2017 and then been dropped for the transition to Unreal Engine. There will be more features this time around, focussing on strategic skill. Of course, you’ll also have a regular career going through the ranks, but you’ll now have an Entourage to manage, helping you pick your team, analysing race data and helping develop your bike.

You’ll be able to develop the bike’s aerodynamic, electronic, engine power, fuel consumption and more, with new realistic features like fuel management, asymmetrical tyre consumption to take into account. Making aerodynamic changes will also affect the bike’s aesthetic and performance for the first time. New editors will give you even more control over stickers, helmets, and other visual livery customisations.

Also returning is the historical mode, now with full races of randomly generated players that you need to win to unlock and collect iconic bikes and riders. You’ll also be going up against Neural AI version 2.0, which has been beefed up to manage tyre and fuel consumption.

Finally, the multiplayer will still feature dedicated servers – a key part for the game’s eSports Championship – with quality of life improvements across Public and Private matches, as well as Race Director Mode.

Last year’s game was already a good step forward for the series, but marred by a lack of polish. Tom said in our review, “MotoGP 19 is far and away the best MotoGP game by Milestone to date and a marked improvement over recent versions. A few glitches take you out of the moment, and there is a need for some special seasoning sprinkled on the top to really make this a truly great racing title, but for fans of the sport, they now have a video game that better represents the action-packed real-life on-track action.”

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