Crash Team Racing Gasmoxia Grand Prix live in 1.19 update

It’s time to chomp down on some Wumpa fruits, drop some TNT crates, and flex your drifting muscles once more with the arrival of Crash Team Racing‘s latest (and final) Grand Prix event.


This is the eight Grand Prix Nitro-Fueled has hosted since the game launched last June. As always, expect a slew of free content including new karts, characters, and cosmetics as well as a bonus race track.

Past Grand Prix events have all followed themes including prehistoric, Halloween, and Christmas to name a few, the previous Rustland event warping us into a Mad Max style apocalypse.

This time around developer Beenox is shining a spotlight on Gasmoxia, Nitros Oxide’s home planet. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the new track, Drive-Thru Danger!:

Are you ready for Oxide’s final challenge, the most technical track ever assembled in Crash Team Racing? Then prepare to take on Drive-Thru Danger! Not for the faint of heart, this track exists high above the skyline on Oxide’s home planet Gasmoxia and pits racers in the middle of a fast-food war between the planet’s two biggest conglomerates – Nuclear Pizza and Toxic Burger. Existing at the fringes of space, it’s filled with twists, turns and risky shortcuts for the bold. The ever-present gaze of Gasmoxia’s corporate giants hangs over the heads of all racers as they strive to beat the track (and each other) and escape this toxic dystopia!

Some of the rewards up for grabs in the Gasmoxia Grand Prix include Emperor Velo and a wardrobe of space suits for existing characters including Spyro and the four CTR Trophy Girls.

As previously mentioned, this will be the eight and last Grand Prix event. Beenox posted an update last week confirming that new content is still coming though the seasonal, battle pass style events will be swapped with a new challenge system. Any rewards you missed out on in previously events will be making their way into the Pit Stop rotation, too.

Source: Official Beenox Blog

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