Payday 2 update will remove Safes and Drills from the game

Payday 2 developer OVERKILL has announced plans to restructure its loot box system in order to make sure the studio is “in compliance with the relevant laws”.

To avoid any confusion, the following mentions of Safes and Drills relate Payday 2’s loot boxes and not those you actually use in the game itself. Pulling off a heist with no safes to crack wouldn’t be as fun now, would it?


In short, OVERKILL is retiring 7 of its earliest Safes that would previously require players to buy separate Drills to unlock. This is similar to the way popular MOBA Dota 2 used to handle its loot boxes, randomly dropping chests but requiring players to buy keys to unlock them.

However, due to new legislation surrounding the sale of digital items, these Payday 2 Safes will be available as free drops in a future update planned for next week. There’s a low chance that they’ll drop though you will no longer require Drills to open them.

If you currently have any of these Safes and Drills sitting in your inventory, here’s what will happen to them:

If you don’t currently have any safes or drills in your Steam Inventory, you will not notice any immediate changes. The main thing for you to notice is that you have an increased range of safes that can drop during your next loot card drop at the end of a heist.

If you have any safes in your inventory – Your safes will remain in your inventory. The main change is that your safe is now not tradeable, the skins are still marketable as usual. If you have drills in your inventory- Your drill will be removed from the Inventory the next time you launch the game. Instead you will find a safe of the same type as the drill(s) you had. This safe will function as described above.

Originally released in 2013, Payday 2 still continues to enjoy a thriving player community. Despite the financial struggles of its publisher, Starbreeze, a sequel is expected at some point in the future.

Source: Steam

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