EVE Echoes full release to occur in late 2020 due to coronavirus impact

NetEase Games has announced that EVE Echoes, the mobile version of EVE Online, will not hit full release until late 2020. The reason for this is due to the impact of COVID-19, aka coronavirus, on production and it affecting people’s ability to do work. In December the game did enter open beta in Australia, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, South Korea, and New Zealand, with more territories yet to be confirmed.


In a statement on Twitter NetEase wrote:

Dear Pilots,

As of late, we are receiving plenty of inquiries regarding the official release dare of EVE Echoes, and for this, we are deeply grateful to have received your cordial interest and continued support. 

In the meantime, we are fully invested in the development process with our hearts and minds. Yet, unfortunately, the unexpected COVID19 epidemic has greatly hindered our schedule. The official time hasn’t been decided yet, but rest assured that EVE Echoes will release in late 2020. Once again, thank you for your continuous support and sincere love for EVE Echoes. Please stay tuned to our official accounts for the latest information.

Coronavirus continues to impact the games industry in a number of ways. This morning EA confirmed that it would be attending GDC in San Francisco next month, and would be restricting its presence at other events. That follows Sony and Kojima Productions which also stated they would not be attending GDC. Sony also stated it would not be at PAX East with Square Enix also confirming it would be scaling back its presence at the event. Valve confirmed that the production of its Valve Index headset had been affected too with fewer headsets being made than planned. There were also reports the Switch had been affected for similar reasons leading to some shortages for Nintendo’s console.

If you suspect you are showing symptoms call your local doctor or health advice lines such as 111 in England, Wales, and Scotland. The World Health Organisation has advice too and you can read it here.

Source: Twitter 

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