Panzer Paladin, the new game from Mercenary Kings developer Tribute Games, releases this Summer

If you’re a fan of retro-styled platformers, chances are you’ve heard of Tribute Games. Developer of Mercenary Kings, Ninja Denki and Flinthook, the Canadian team have just announced their latest title, and it’s a retro-styled action platformer called, pretty awesomely, Panzer Paladin.


This is a game that dresses you up in the mighty Paladin power armour, letting you smack around a bunch of hostile horrors with their own weaponry, but where you can also hop out as the small and swift Pilot when events demand. It’s got a glorious, pumped-up 8-bit aesthetic, authentic soundtrack stylings from Patrice Bourgeault, and anything with power armour is automatically cool – I can hear you nodding in agreement.

You’ll be taking all that fancy technology into battle against the forces of the occult, and there’s a definite sense of Castlevania and Ghouls and Ghosts mashed together with Megaman. Dropping into the shoes of the ridiculously cute and tiny Pilot, it looks as though there’s also some cool platforming, traversing and swinging to be done as well, Obviously, this sounds like all the right kinds of awesome.

With Tribute Games legacy of quality 2D pixel-art gaming, expectations should be high for Panzer Paladin. Founded by ex-Ubisoft employees Jonathan Lavigne and Jean-François Major, who both worked on TMNT for Gameboy Advance and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World amongst other titles, they’ve got the know-how to turn in something pretty special. Mercenary Kings was a multiplayer favourite a few years ago, and our very own Dave Irwin – well, he was ours at the time – called Flinthook “a blast to play” in his review a couple of years ago.

Best of all? You don’t have to wait all that long for it to arrive, as it’s releasing this summer for PC and Nintendo Switch. You can check out the Steam page here, should you want to jump right in and wishlist it right away.

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