Predator: Hunting Grounds gets a PS+ and PC trial weekend at the end of March

Just ahead of its April release date, Illfonic have announced that they will be holding a free trial weekend for Predator: Hunting Grounds, their upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer game. Kicking off on 27th march, the trial will be available for PC players and PlayStation Plus subscribers.


Stepping into the jungle on 24th April, the game casts one player as the Predator, whose sole aim is to hunt down the four man commando fireteam that are trying to complete their clandestine mission and escape. The trial will allow you to sample this online experience, but also has the offline solo mode, where you can play alongside and against AI.

Back in December in a State of Play stream, Illfonic revealed a new female Predator and dug into this alien antagonist’s abilities. With a deadly bow and arrow, Smart Disc and Combistick they’re a formidable opponent

The trial gets under way on 27th March, and will be available to download in Japan at 3pm JST, in Europe at 4pm GMT/5pm CET, and in North America at 5pm PST.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Sweet! I wonder if this is to test the online stability? Becasue when Friday the 13th The Game was launched it was terrible!

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