Grab the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo right now, and get an exclusive PS4 theme as well

Final Fantasy VII Remake is easily one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, and you won’t have to wait until its 10th April PlayStation 4 release to check it out. No, you can try it right now thanks to Square Enix dropping a demo onto the PlayStation Store this morning.


Just follow this link to the PlayStation Store and grab the trial for this gorgeous looking remake.

The demo weighs in at 7.59GB and features the first chapter from the game, the Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission, letting you sample the very beginning of the game. However, Square Enix note that you won’t be able to carry your progress over to the retail version of the game and that content may differ from the final release.

If you download the demo before 11th May, you’ll also get an exclusive theme for the PlayStation 4 main menu, available from the game’s launch on 10th April.

The demo launch comes just ahead of the game’s originally stated 3rd March release date, with Square Enix deciding that they needed just a little more time to polish the game, and pushed back to April 10th. I mean, when we’ve had to wait this long, what’s another month?

And this is a particularly grand project as well, going far beyond just being a graphical overhaul and into the territory of becoming a complete reimagining of the game. For one thing Final Fantasy VII Remake completely redesigns the combat to work in real time, while still taking some cues from the original Active Time Battle system, but it’s also seen Square Enix decide to flesh out the story, creating new character moments and content to justify splitting the game up into three parts. Hopefully it’ll work out better here than it did for The Hobbit film trilogy, eh?

A demo for this game has long been rumoured, first mentioned back in December as data scraping found mention of the demo on the PlayStation Store website. Of course that wasn’t confirmed or acknowledged by Square, but the rumours persisted when an intro video to the game was leaked online just a week later. That intro video was officially released on Valentine’s Day.

Though it’s taken longer than many fans would have surely liked, those rumours have been proven correct.

Miguel went hands on with this opening part of the game at E3 2019, saying:

It’s still hard to believe, but this game really is coming. Whether we get one disc or three, the content is bound to be worthwhile if this brief demo was any indication. The decision to shift form turn-based action to something more real time will remain contentious for devout fans, but it’s inventive and rewarding. Square observed the flaws of their action combat from Final Fantasy XV, and improved on every part of it. Having gone hands on, I now can’t wait for even more when the game launches.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Go and check out the stunning remake now!



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  1. It’s exactly as I feared. It looks nice. And it might have been something good to use for a whole new game, FFXVI maybe.

    But for FFVII, which people have wanted to be remastered for years, it’s a bit of an insult.

  2. As someone who played the original a bit, at friends houses, and was utterly useless (due to being 12 and rubbish at RPGs) the demo was a great experience! The music and drama is pitched brilliantly, the gameplay was straightforward although that’s probably a negative for everyone but me, and I felt an tiny bit of that battle weary adrenaline that I got from the end of MGS4.

    So why is it bad? Genuine question, I didn’t play the original enough to get my head around all of the combat, but I did play the very simple PSP FFVII game and enjoyed that little romp.

    • Obviously it looks and sounds great, but you’ve already found the problem (except for you).

      Now, there might be more to the combat later on, but so far it’s just mash buttons until the enemy dies. And then for the boss fight, mash buttons and then heal. And don’t use your abilities too much, because you need 1 bar of the meter to use an item. Which will get annoying very quickly.

      Also, the voice acting is terrible.

      But mainly it’s just not FFVII. It’s some action RPG with the same characters and plot.

      • That’s a shame :( It totally suits me as a game but if you can’t play it similarly to the original then the point of the experience is fairly limited I suppose, unless it gets so hard later that it’s justified but entirely different? Something they can’t get over in a demo I guess. Did you try the Classic combat style too, same issue?

        @2ofclubs, I thought the same about the advert to purchase at the end, definitely not clear enough!

      • I didn’t try the classic mode, but from what I’ve read, it’s not really proper turn based FFVII. Sound even more dumbed down, really. Automatically attacks until the bar fills up and you can issue commands?

        The original game had some very difficult optional bosses late in the game. The Emerald and Ruby Weapons. Needed some serious preparation. Hours spent capturing chocobos and racing them and breeding them to get the gold chocobo so you could get the Knights of Round summon. And whatever it was you had to do to get the underwater materia so you could live long enough. Then get the right materia set up. And even after all those hours it could still go horribly wrong, very quickly.

        Without a proper turn based system, you can’t have a fight like those with actual strategy and preparation required. You can some horrible fight against something with a ridiculous amount of HP and spend ages slowly chipping away at it and healing after spending hours to level up so you’re strong enough. Which really isn’t fun.

        It’s not just because I prefer turn based things. I loved the battle system in 12 (which had a lot of strategy in setting up how the characters acted), and I was one of the ones that enjoyed 13, and 13-2. Which were even more of an action RPG thing (still with a lot of proper RPG strategy involved). Lightning Returns is something I’d rather forget though. And while I liked 15, the battle system was shit and mostly mashing some buttons.

        This remake has decided that rather than improve on a perfectly fine battle system, they just wanted to throw it out completely and then add something that makes it a tiny bit closer to what it was originally and hope nobody notices. That’s the insulting bit, along with dragging out the first part of the game to a full length game and the bollocks with the various summons being pre-order bonuses with various different versions. (What are the odds of a 3rd part coming sometime around the end of the PS5 lifetime with a pre-order bonus of Knights of Round for just ÂŁ89.99, only for the digital version? And summoning it will take 20 minutes because a 20GB download for an extra summon will be nothing by then)

      • That was longer than I thought when I was typing it.

        The short version…

        I’m 48. Fuck you, young people.

    • If they’d have simply brought new graphics to the same mechanics of the original game I think people would have been more insulted. Especially questioning why it took so long to make it.

      Obviously the changes aren’t going to please everyone, that’s just not possible, but I do applaud them for trying something new. Based on the demo the game does seem very limited in combat but it’s very early game and I think the original was the same way. I’m sure it’ll open up a lot.

      The one thing that is bugging me is that I don’t feel they are being clear about what you actually get from this purchase. It’s not the full game, and I don’t think the average punter understands this.

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