Teases hint at a new Silent Hill game

File this one under ‘Surely not?’ because if these teases do lead to a new Silent Hill game it’s going to be the oddest reversals ever seen in gaming. Let’s start with this Tweet from former Silent Hill artist Masahiro Ito who confirmed that he was working on a new game last month.


OK, nothing to see here, cryptic but nothing exciting. However, he followed it up with this…

A Silent Hill reference, and one that specifically links to a Tweet by from way back in 2017 where he said he would go back and work on the franchise if he could kill Silent Hill’s famous bad guy.

Unconfirmed leaks back in January suggested that Konami were working on two Silent Hill games, one of which may be a reboot of the series. According to tweet, Konami were reaching out to developers rather than doing the project in house.

Still with me? Good. Now it gets odd as ex-Konami employee Hideo Kojima posted another cryptic Tweet in which he explains that his next project will be revealed soon.

“Sorry to be silent“? Well that’s an interesting word to use. Kojima’s note pad has the words ‘next week’ written on them, so we’re expecting an announcement on his new game very soon. One other detail is that Kojima is a using Pyramid brand of pencil to write the note.

Kojima was working on a Silent Hill reboot with Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro, both of whom turned up in Death Stranding. This lead to the now infamous PT demo which ended with the revealed of Silent Hills, but that was canned when Kojima and Konami fell out and Kojima left the company to set up his own studio.

While Death Stranding was PlayStation exclusive Sony do not own any part of Kojima Productions so they are free to work with who they choose. Given the huge success of Death Stranding could Kojima and Konami have buried the hatchet and restarted Silent Hills? Remember, the leak said Konami were farming out the development to other studios so it is conceivable that Kojima Productions was contacted.

If the game is real then it’s clearly in early production so will probably for the next generation of consoles. Kojima will also have to find a new engine to use, Sony own the Decima engine that was used for Death Stranding.

Source: Twitter 1/2/3/4

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