The Witcher Netflix Season Two has found its Vesemir

Netflix has officially cast Vesemir for season two of The Witcher, one of the key characters from the games as well as Andrezj Sapkowski’s novels.

The role will be filled by Danish star, Kim Bodnia, whose recent credits include Killing Eve as well as the original version of The Bridge.

Those who have played The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will recognise Vesemir as Geralt’s long-time tutor. He occupies the keep at Kaer Morhen and, much like his protege, hails from the School of the Wolf.

His exact role in the second season of Netflix’s live adaptation hasn’t been confirmed though it’s likely his portrayal will end up somewhere in between the books and games. Hopefully this means we’ll see more of how the different Witcher schools operate.

With Henry “Gamer” Cavill at the helm, the first season hit Netflix late last year and was a surprise success for the video streaming platform. It currently sits at an impressive 8.3 on IMBD, and it’s reported that at least 76 million tuned in to watch it.

Season two has no confirmed release date though it won’t be hitting Netflix in 2020. Other actors confirmed to be joining the cast include Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones’ Tormund Giantbane) as Nivellen, Yasen Atour as Coen, and Paul Bullion as Lambert among others.

Overall we were pretty pleased with how the TV adaptation turned out. It might not have had the same budget as a certain other fantasy series though it managed to capture the essence of The Witcher world and its characters, even if that meant inflicting us with a catchy bard’s ditty.

Nic goes into more detail about what he liked and disliked about it, perhaps focusing a little too much on Triss’ hair colour.

In other Witcher news, Netflix plans to release an animated film that will focus on Vesemir titled “Nightmare of the Wolf”. Those who recently picked up the game on Switch can grab a new update released by CD Projekt Red, allowing them to import PC saves too!

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