Riot Games reveal Valorant, a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter coming this summer

League of Legends developer Riot Games are spreading their wings with the reveal of Valorant, a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, coming out for PC in summer 2020. Teased with the codename Project A, they’ve now released an unscripted gameplay preview featuring the game’s developers playing the game.


Though Riot have established themselves within the MOBA genre, they’re now looking to eat someone else’s lunch. You can definitely see the game’s inspirations in the demo. There’s plenty of Overwatch in there, that’s for certain, with supernatural player abilities and elements of its art style, but you can also see that it’s a tactical shooter in the vein of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It certainly feels like CS:GO fans are going to feel more at home with the gameplay here, as the time to kill is low and this gameplay preview doesn’t play up class-based dependencies between support and tank roles.

Precision is absolutely the name of the game, and Riot are clearly targeting a competitive esports scene with this, just as they have done with League of Legends. They target 30 frames per second on decade-old computers, with 60-144 FPS on modern consoles, and the art style will certainly help with that. They also note their data centres around the world which should help with latency, are investing in servers able to process 128 ticks per second (the rate at which the game updates every players actions), and will have anti-cheat built into the game from day one.

Outside of this game reveal, Riot’s been in the headlines for non-gaming reasons, facing a lawsuit from employees over gender discrimination. It seemed that this chapter in the company’s history was coming to an end, as they announced a $10 million settlement at the end of 2019, but new legal counsel for the former female employees have opposed that settlement. It looks like this saga will continue.

Source: Twitter, Valorant

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