[UPDATE] EA Motive’s Star Wars: Project Maverick has been found on the PSN

A Twitter bot that scrapes the PSN for new listings has uncovered a mysterious new Star Wars game, Star Wars: Project Maverick. The listing is currently hidden but as the bot has previously confirmed the Final Fantasy VII demo before it was officially announced there is no reason to suspect this a hoax.

Artwork to go with the listing was also scraped off and you can see that below.

The image shows a Star Destroyer and a couple of X-Wings which means the game is set at least sometime during or after the the original trilogy of movies. The question is, what is this mysterious game? EA Motive are working on a ‘a smaller, more unusual’ Star Wars game so it could be that, Motive’s VP and General Manager, Patrick Klause, has stated it will be a “very unique Star Wars experience”.

Respawn may have decided to follow on from Medal of Honor VR with a full VR X-Wing game, another possibility, and the same team have said that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order would not get any DLC but there’s a chance they changed their mind.

EA have stated that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order had sold “beyond our projections for the quarter,” and was now on track to shift 10 million copies by the end of March 2020 so there is a financial reason why DLC may be in the works.

We speculated what EA might do with with Star Wars license just a few weeks ago. EA have promised new games in the Dragon Age, Battlefield, and Star Wars franchises by the end of 2022 but were not expecting this one so early.

There is of course the question of platform, new game listing usually appear months before release so we could be six to twelve months away from Maverick being playable, and that would put it firmly in the PlayStation 5 launch window.

However, let’s be cautious, there’s a couple of important details in the image that may suggest it’s not an EA game. Mainly it’s not got the EA logo anywhere on it, and EA like having their logo in the titles for the Star Wars games. The logo is also in the same style as the Han Solo movie rather than Jedi Fallen Order, so this could be something from ILMxLAB, a virtual reality experience, perhaps a follow on from Vader Immortal.

UPDATE: According to Kotaku’s Jason Schreir, this is the EA Motive game!

Source: Twitter

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