Ghost Recon Breakpoint update 2.0 will add the Ghost Experience mode, second Raid cancelled

Ubisoft has revealed that it will be releasing Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s 2.0 title update on March 24th, and it will bring with it the Ghost Experience mode. This mode adds three ways to play the game which includes Regular, Immersive, and Custom. The Regular mode does not change a thing and is played the way Breakpoint was originally released with gear levels and tiered loot. Immersive mode gets rid of gear levels and tiered loot as well as adding new tactical options. The Custom mode allows you to mix things up so you could keep tiered loot but remove gear levels.


In addition to the Ghost Experience mode title update 2.0 will add the Engineer class who has a defensive drone to attack nearby enemies, deals extra damage against drones, can carry more offensive items, and has a buff to grenade launchers. The Engineer will be a week exclusive to Year 1 pass owners from March 24th, then will be available for everyone else.

Title update 2.0 will not include everything players have been asking for. At the moment AI Teammates is still being worked on, sprinting in Erewhon has been scrapped, and enemy AI improvements are still being tested. An offline mode is not possible according to Ubisoft but the developer has found workarounds for people with unstable or poor connections. The game will run connected but limit Breakpoint to a solo PvE experience. Ubisoft has also cancelled the second Raid it had planned to follow Project Titan and explained that by saying:

Our team was humbled and grateful to receive your feedback on Project Titan, which was something entirely new for us and for Ghost Recon as a franchise. In our original Year 1 plan, we wanted to follow up Project Titan with another raid. However, we want to make sure we are allocating our resources in the best places to create better experiences for our players.

With this in mind, we have made the decision to replace the second raid with a future update to the Ghost Experience. Based on all the player feedback we’ve received online and in play testing, our team is confident that deepening the Ghost Experience is the right direction for the game.

Here is what players will be getting in title update 2.0

This TU will also include updates on many of the frequent requests we have seen from the community, including:

  • Camera Placement: Choose whether the camera will dynamically adapt its distance depending on the situation: staying close, or moving further from the character.
    • Dynamic: Camera dynamically shifts between close during combat and far out of combat. This is how the camera currently works in the game.
    • Close: Camera stays close to the player character.
    • Far: Camera stays far from the player character.
  • Increased Weapon Parts: Players will get more low-quality weapon parts for dismantling.
  • Better Weapon/Gear Sorting Options:
    • Favorite System: When hovering over an item, in the loadout or in the shop, players can mark an item as a favorite. Once it is a favorite, it cannot be dismantled or sold until deselected.
    • Optimize Gear: A new button appears in the loadout only when Gear Level is activated. When pressed, the player will instantly equip all the best gear present in their inventory. This applies only to gear, not weapons.
    • Weapons/Gear Sorting: New sorting options added for better usability.
  • Sell All: Players can now sell all non-favorite and non-equipped items.
  • Dismantle All: When in a weapon or gear selection page, players can choose to dismantle all non-favorited and non-equipped items in this category.
  • Option to Quick-Equip New Gear/Weapons: When looting an item, players can now equip it immediately by holding a button input as shown in the loot notification window.
  • Walker & Hill Figures: The figures will be re-introduced in the game with the release of TU 2.0.0.
  • Base Jump:
    • Created new platforms to BASE jump from in key areas.
    • Updated systems in-game which create a more permissive BASE jump experience.
    • Reduced the auto-deploy distance to allow for more time BASE-jumping before deploying the parachute.
  • Vehicles: Improvements have been made to helicopter immersion, bike animations, and general handling debugging.
  • Respawn System Improvements:
    • Added new respawn points to relevant/highly traversed areas of the map.
    • Players will no longer respawn to the closest point geographically. Instead, they will respawn to the latest location they went through before dying to avoid spawning in a location they have not visited before.
  • Gunsmith Updates:
    • Most assault rifles will now be able to equip short barrel options (some ASR models have been omitted as their real-life counterparts do not have short barrel options).
    • TA31H added to 27 weapons with emphasis on Assault Rifles.

The update will also add Episode 2 called Deep State. Ubisoft has also confirmed when Year 1 will end and that will be when the following content has been released:

  • The Siren’s Call Day 1 mission.
  • Two upcoming new adventures in Aurora.
  • An early unlock for 3 new classes.
  • The Special Operations Forces Pack.

Source: Ubisoft

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