Minecraft Festival postponed due to Covid-19

The latest event to be disrupted by Coronavirus, or Covid-19 as it’s known to it’s posh mates, is the Minecraft Festival in Orlando. Tickets were about to go on sale this week but the event was only announced a few days ago when Coronavirus was very much a thing, so why they even bothered announcing it is a little puzzling.

The Minecraft Festival was scheduled to happen in September this year so Mojang and event organiser ReedPop clearly think Covid-19 is going to be around for a long while. The event has now been postponed until 2021.


Gaming fans will be aware that E3 is set to open in June but organisers are saying the event is going ahead as planned.That said, E3 creative directors at iam8bit have just resigned from their role which will cause problems, and Sony declared in January that they would not be attending the show in 2020, stating that they “do not feel the vision of E3 2020 is the right venue for what we are focused on this year.”

The outbreak is having a huge effect on the gaming world, Bungie employees have been told work from home, GDC 2020 has been postponed until the summer,  Overwatch League events have been cancelled,  and Bloomberg are reporting that Nintendo may have problems shipping Switch hardware as the coronavirus outbreak has caused a production bottleneck.

PUBG Corp has announced it is postponing the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds eSports event PBS Berlin, The Outer Worlds Switch release has been delayed, and Valve has confirmed that the Valve Index VR headset production has been affected by the outbreak.

We should also note that Sony is being really, really quite in regards to the PlayStation 5, we should have heard a lot more about the console by now so perhaps they are changing their plans due to the outbreak.

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