What We Played #440 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order & BoxVR

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I think I’m just about ready for the weekend, aren’t you? It’s not been a particularly hectic week – the two main highlights were switching ISPs, which could have gone horribly wrong but was actually all sorted out by 9AM on the day of the switch, and getting to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is about as delightful as you’d hope. I’m still just happy that it’s Friday now, is all.

But gaming is what we’re here to talk about, and Nick was the first to reply to our call. He’s been playing Gordian Quest for an upcoming preview, but also that he’s tossed a coin to The Witcher 3 for the third time, and that this time “it’s finally sticking.”

Aran’s been playing Femida for review “so you don’t have to!” Which is very altruistic of him. To help get over that pain, he’s finished off Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, saying he really enjoyed it and can’t wait for an inevitable sequel.

It was a bit of Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 on Gamoc’s review plate this week, but he’s also been playing Jedi: Fallen Order, and popped a fancy hat on for the “pretty fun” VR wave shooter that is Raw Data.

Jim had to spend most of his gaming time playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV for review, diving into a few different campaigns to see what’s what. It seems to be helping with his video gaming funk of late: “I haven’t had the motivation to play much recently but sinking into a grand strategy game like that felt oddly comfortable, even if ROTK does have its flaws.”

It was an S-tonne of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon for Nic B, who found the whole thing terribly cute, while Jason has been enjoying Legends of Runeterra and started the fun co-op game that is Full Metal Furies.

For once, Tuffcub was not playing Destiny 2, but Batman: Arkham Asylum instead. He has some venting to do: “It’s great apart from any sequence that involves you racing the Batmobile. ITS A TANK. TANKS ARE NOT GOOD FOR RACING. Stupid Rocksteady.”

Meanwhile, Steve has been doing some dreamsurfing in Dreams, finding some of the creations to be “really imaginative”… which is kind of the point. He also played Folklore on PS4, loving the Irish folk setting and the gorgeous Celtic music. Now it’s on to Killzone 2 and some classic Resident Evil 3 before the remake lands.

And so we come to Miguel, who was at PAX East last weekend.

My favorite games had to be Spin Rhythm XD and Sludge Life. Spin Rhythm XD is like an alternate-reality DJ Hero that can be played with a real MIDI DJ controller, and I legit bought a cheap controller for myself to keep playing at home. Sludge Life is an aimless grungy weird and hilarious walking simulator-style game from Devolver Digital all about graffiti and cats with two buttholes.

Besides that, I played Spiritfarer, Beyond Blue, Phogs, Fuser, Windjammers 2, Streets of Rage 4, 30XX, Lost If Found, Maquette, The Artful Escape, The Pathless, Misbits, Everspace 2, World of Horror, N1RV Ann-A, Genshin Impact aaaaand Bake ‘n Switch. So yeah, busy weekend.

Oh, and another shout out to Lost If Found, a really amazing story-driven sci-fi joint by Annapurna where all of the gameplay involves erasing whats on screen to reveal the next scene. That one hit me really hard.

Following all of that up is a pretty tough act, but Dom’s wife found him playing BoxVR at 3AM in the morning, music blaring from the headset. As you can imagine she wasn’t too impressed. Alongside that, his youngest has caught the Lego game fever – he’s been lapping up lots of the two Lego Movie games – and Dom’s kept plugging away at the moreish Darksiders Genesis.

And finally, Kris thought about playing Tekken 7. That’s it.

Now then, what have you been playing this past week?

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  1. After a weekend of little gaming (but I don’t care, because we went to a rather long gig on the Sunday – almost 3 hours)…

    My PS4 hates me because it’s having to move so much stuff around and download lots this week.

    PS+ gave me that Sonic game (decidedly meh). And Shadow of the Colossus, which looks lovely but is just as annoying as it ever was. How many times has horse riding been done with shit controls??

    Then that PS Now update happened. So lots of downloading and a little bit of playing several things I never got around to….

    Control is interesting and looks nice, but the frame rate needs to behave. It’s terrible at times.

    Wolfenstein 2 is fun so far. Shadow of the Tomb Raider hasn’t even got started and then chucked me into a flashback as a kid (but apart from that, I’m enjoying it). And then a bit of Toukiden 2 (as good as the first) and Warriors Allstars (another Warriors game? Can’t complain, even if it’s not the best of them)

    I really need to pick one of those and stick to it until the end now.

    Oh, and Honor & Duty: D-Day got it’s shiny new update and had lots of people playing. So that was fun chaos. (Still my favourite for fun VR chaos at a bargain price)

  2. I picked up my controller again after another few busy weeks and ploughed what must be the second half of Fallen Order for a couple of long evenings. I think I’m near the end now and it’s been a great experience, I’m loving it more now that it’s become plot-heavy but looking back on the old-school gameplay I’m surprised it’s reviewed so well. I think I finally have my head wrapped around the parry timings and attack patterns, just in time to never use any of that wonderful knowledge again, although I probably will stick at the exploration for some trophies since my backlog is mostly forgotten now.

    In other news I’ve been playing with Lego a lot. My inner calmness as improved a fair bit but its a horribly addictive credit card fucker of a hobby. I must be spending £100 on the stuff some months, I use my kids as a justification but I don’t think I’m fooling anyone, we have fun though.

  3. More Dreams and NMS for me. I almost have my living ship , it’s been a bit of a haul getting there but i should have it by tonight all going well! In Dreams i recommend people check out something called Impception – it’s crazy good!

  4. Totally off topic but I thought that folk may be interested in a programme on the History channel at 9pm tonight, Game Changers: Inside the Video Game Wars. It’s about the rise of the console and the rivalry between Nintendo, Sony etc. should be interesting.

    • It sounds like it’s more about Atari than anything else. Two thirds of it about Atari, and then the rest about everything that happened afterwards.

      • Yeah it is, I didn’t take much notice of the advert (as I had it series linked) until it mentioned PlayStation as the new kids on the block.

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