Free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale officially revealed, and it’s out tomorrow [updated]

Update 5PM GMT: Activision have now officially revealed Call of Duty: Warzone, a free to play battle royale spin off to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Oh, and it’s out for PS4, Xbox One and PC (with full crossplay) tomorrow, 10th March!


Thanks to being free-to-play, anyone can pick up Call of Duty: Warzone, and they’ll need to. This take on the battle royale genre allows for up to 150 players in a single match, 1.5x the typical 100 player count found in PUBG and Fortnite, and almost doubling the 88 players possible in Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode.

The game has full crossplay and a unified progression, much like Modern Warfare. If you have COD:MW, then your Battle Pass items, Operators, weapons and customisation all carry over to Warzone, and your progress in Warzone counts toward your progress in MW. If you’re coming in cold, any progression you make can carry over to the full game, if you choose to upgrade.

Call of Duty: Warzone features a huge map called Verdansk with over 300 points of interest, and will feature two game modes – battle royale and Plunder. The former is a last man standing mode – though if you die, you get sent to the Gulag, where you have a chance of fighting for a second chance, 1v1 – while the latter has you racing to collect the most in-match Cash by looting the map, taking down enemies and completing in-match Contracts of various types.

The launch will be staggered, depending on if you’re a Modern Warfare owner or a new player. For MW players, it’s a 15-22GB download that will drop at 8AM PDT (3PM GMT), whereas new players will have an 80-100GB download available from 12PM PDT (7PM GMT).

The original article features below:

The worst kept secret in gaming, Call of Duty Warzone, has leaked out ahead of the official reveal which is rumoured to be taking place this week. Set for a full release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 10th, this is a new free-to-play version of Call of Duty.

Adverts for the game have started popping up on various store fronts.

But hey, who needs adverts when multiple schmucks clearly do not know how NDA’s work and have uploaded footage captured at a preview event at Activision HQ to YouTube.

In case you couldn’t guess, Warzone is a Battle Royale title with a ‘custom designed’ map that is said to be bigger than any other Battle Royale game. It supports 150 players, that number could be increased to 200 players at a later date. It also includes a Gulag.

Killstreaks can only be purchased in game, as can revives for other players, and the map is littered with Easter Eggs. Some areas are based on fan favourites from older Call of Duty games. The game supports solo, duo, or three man teams at present.

The game has been developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software but the release will not hold back the annual Call of Duty game, that is still going ahead.

Last month Activision filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act subpoena against Reddit to identify a user who had leaked images from Call of Duty: Warzone so I suspect the chap who leaked a twenty minute video may also be getting a call from Activision’s lawyers.

Last week it was announced that Jason Blundell, the co-head of Call of Duty developer Treyarch, has departed the company after thirteen years. It seems to be a happy departure, for Blundell, who’s been a part of the team since becoming a producer on Call of Duty 3. He is, however, best known for his work on the co-op Zombies game mode. He headed up both Zombies and the main story in Black Ops 3, helped revive the entire Zombies saga in the Zombies Chronicles expansion, and continued to lead the Zombies mode for Black Ops 4.

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