LEGO Super Mario is being teased, but what is it?

LEGO and their ability to translate all manner of franchises into blockier forms truly knows no bounds. The latest to get turned into bricks seems to be Nintendo’s Super Mario series, with LEGO teasing the quite obviously named LEGO Super Mario.

But what is it? Well, Lego are no strangers to making things in video game form, whether it’s Star Wars, The Hobbit, Marvel and DC superheroes, or dinosaurs, but it’s not clear what the Lego games developer TT Games would really be able to offer in terms of gameplay. Nintendo are typically quite protective of the Mario character these days, so it took something new and remarkable like Mario + Rabbids to let them lend the character out to Ubisoft for a crossover game.

What seems to be more likely from the teaser is that these are physical blocky toys, seemingly with some kind of electronic displays built in. Lego have form here as well, adapting the Halo franchise with their Mega Contrux Bloks  giving Sonic the Lego treatment for Lego Dimensions and creating Lego sets based off Minecraft, in one of the more unusual crossovers out there.

Correction: As pointed out by Ron, Mega Bloks is something else entirely… despite being so similar!

One thing does seem clear, and that’s this doesn’t look like a simple addition to the toy company’s range of minifigs.

I guess we’ll just have to do what the tweet tells us and “stay tuned…”

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  1. Just a minor correction Tef, Lego doesn’t make Mega Contrux, they’re separate companies altogether! Lego does make Sonic stuff though, as part of their Dimensions range.

    • Agh! I could’ve sworn there was some Halo Lego, but alas my memory and fleeting train internet let me down :(

      • Ah balls, I can’t imagine running a website using train internet! Can’t the TSA budget stretch to a limo?

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