Prince of Persia returns in For Honor crossover event

That’s right. After a decade on the sidelines, the Prince of Persia has finally returned! With For Honor having recently kicked off Year 4, Ubisoft is hosting a special themed event to honour one of their oldest gaming mascots.

Not since 2010’s The Forgotten Sands and Disney’s film adaptation starring Jake Gyllenhaal have we seen the Prince take centre stage. However, from today and through into next month he’ll be taking over Ubisoft’s flagship fighting game.

“Blades of Persia” will soon be available to all For Honor players and will be split into two chapters. The first chapter will run during week one of the event, ending on March 19th with the second chapter carrying through to April 2nd. Here’s some flavour text:

Once upon a time, there was a Prince from a distant land who wanted to escape death at all costs. One day, he arrived in a secluded harbor and clashed with mighty warriors. The Prince had to use his mystical dagger to change his destiny and survive. Yet meddling with time would have dark consequences for his stranded soul…

So, what’s included as part of this latest timed event? First up we have a new game mode titled “Ruler of Time”. This is a spin on For Honor’s traditional 4v4 Dominion where two teams fight for three control points positioned throughout the battlefield. The twist here is that the Prince will appear at some point during the match – he’s a neutral target and killing him will bag your team a hefty stash of points. This will take place on a modified version of the Harbor map with NPCs having been redesigned to suit the Prince of Persia theme.

On March 19th this will be replaced with another game mode which Ubisoft will reveal the day before…

To coincide with the event an additional free battle pass will appear, tagged with various Prince of Persia themed skins, effects, cosmetics, and other bonuses. This will level up alongside For Honor’s regular battle pass so get ready to unlock to a steady stream of rewards.

Sadly, it seems very unlikely that the Prince will join For Honor as a playable character. Look closely and you’ll see that he mimics the Tiandi’s move set.

This could be Ubisoft simply wanting to draw more attention to For Honor, playing on our nostalgia. Then again, could this be the first sign of a new game in the dormant franchise? A next-gen reboot maybe? The sands of time will tell…

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