Terminator: Resistance PC patch improves AI, adds more language support

Reef Games has released a new patch for Terminator Resistance on Steam bringing improvements to the game which shows one of the other apocalyptic scenarios we could be going through. The patch adds more language support and improves the AI so it is tougher on higher difficulty settings, with weapon stats also being modified as a result. Player movement has also been improved and a save back up system has been implemented to help stop the loss of progress.

Full patch notes below.


Terminator Resistance PC update patch notes

Additional Languages
  • Russian subtitles and text are now supported
  • Japanese subtitles and text are now supported
  • Simplified Chinese subtitles and text are now supported
  • General enemy AI Improvements and fixes
  • Enemies will behave differently based on difficulty selection
  • Improved general balance of difficulty levels.
  • Loot found will now differ depending on the difficulty
  • Weapon stats will differ between difficulties
  • General weapon stats have been slightly modified
  • Skill tree variables have been slightly modified
  • Rail plasma weapons (Snipers) now consume 5 ammo rounds per shot, instead of 1
  • TC16 plasma weapons (Semi-Auto rifles) now consume 2 ammo rounds per shot, instead of 1
  • FOV (Field of view) slider added to video options
  • FidelityFX (AMD) option added to video options (Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening and upscaling)
  • Immersion Upgrades – HUD modification options added. You can now enable/disable individual HUD elements to make the game more immersive
  • Improved support for Ultrawide resolutions
  • Level lighting & post-processing improvements
  • Chromatic aberration toggle added to video options
  • Other small graphics improvements and tweaks
  • Player movement/locomotion has been slightly improved
  • Save backup system added to help prevent data being lost
  • Numerous crash fixes
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements

In our review for Terminator: Resistance Dom did not come away impressed. He wrote:

Turning the Terminator franchise into an enjoyable game experience should be doable, but not on the budget Teyon have tried to do it on. Last-gen issues make this a time traveller that nobody wanted to come back.
Maybe the update will address all of those concerns?
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