The Witcher Season 2 filming has been postponed due to COVID-19 (obviously)

There has been another postponement due to COVID-19 aka coronavirus and this time The Witcher fans are affected. Filming for the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher has been halted in the UK for the next two weeks as the situation regarding the virus is assessed. The second season is not expected to air until 2021 so the release window is unlikely to be affected unless more delays for filming are introduced or government guidelines on gatherings changes over the short to mid term. This suspension follows Netflix’s decision to stop production of shows produced in North America. Danish star Kim Bodnia, whose recent credits include Killing Eve as well as the original version of The Bridge, was recently signed on to play Vesemir.

The long term impact of coronavirus is something of an unknown. Earlier today, there was confirmation that gamescom is planned to go ahead in August though the organisers will be assessing the situation and will inform people if a decision to cancel is made. The biggest conference of the gaming calendar, even if it slightly diminished, E3 was cancelled after the ESA decided the risk of having so many people in one place during the summer while the pandemic rolls on was not a good idea. As a result various publishers including Ubisoft and Microsoft are planning to hold streams to showcase their announcements. TwitchCon Amsterdam has been cancelled, Konami has delayed the release of the PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini console due to the impact the virus has had on the manufacturing industry in China. Call of Duty League has been moved to online only instead of live events, and video game companies like Bungie, Activision Blizzard, Rockstar and EA have all adopted work from home policies.

Remember to help delay the spread of the virus wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap or sanitiser. If you have symptoms like a dry cough and a high fever then self isolate for at least seven days. If your condition gets worse in that time frame, or if they do not subside after seven days then call 111 if you’re in Britain. If you are not please check your local government advice on what you should be doing.

Source: The Wrap

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