Star Wars Battlefront 2 servers down, offline for maintenance

Star Wars Battlefront II fans attempting to access the game this morning will sense somewhat of a disturbance in the Force.

Developer EA DICE have temporarily shut down the game’s servers as they carry out scheduled maintenance on the popular multiplayer shooter.

Star Wars Battlefront II Easy XP Farming Guide

During this time players won’t be able to access any of Battlefront II’s online features. Downtime should last roughly half an hour staring with the PlayStation 4 version, then PC, and finally Xbox One. Here are the exact times, as relayed by DICE:

PlayStation 4

  • 09:00 UTC: PS4: Downtime starts

  • 09:35 UTC: PS4 Downtime ends


  • 09:40 UTC: PC Downtime starts

  • 10:15 UTC: PC Downtime ends

Xbox One

  • 10:20 UTC: Xbox One Downtime starts

  • 11:00 UTC: Xbox One Downtime ends

This appears to be regular server maintenance so don’t expect to boot the game up and find a new update crammed with content.

DICE only just launched its Age of Rebellion update for Battlefront II, released on February 26th. This chunky new content drop added a slew of co-op maps as well as two new playable reinforcements including the Ewok Hunter and ISB Agent.

There’s currently a double XP in game event running right now and it is going to go on for quite a while, lasting until the end of the month on March 27th. If you do not feel that is long enough then do not worry as straight afterwards there will be a triple XP weekend.

That gives players plenty of opportunity to level up the various classes and reinforcements, effortlessly climbing the ranks. If you’re looking for the most efficient way of XP farming then make sure you check out our handy guide.

In other Star Wars Battlefront news it was recently reported that EA canned a spin-off game in the franchise that was originally meant to be a launch title for next-gen systems. Codenamed “Viking” this open world project was shelved following practical issues in the collaboration between EA Vancouver and Criterion Games.

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