Epic Store free games now live with Watch Dogs & The Stanley Parable

The Epic Games Store is giving away two more title this week, with Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable now up for grabs.


Both games are available to download right now via the Epic Games Store PC client and will be available up until March 26th, 03.00PM GMT.

Epic also unveiled the next pair of freebies it will be adding to the collection with musical adventure game, Figment (our review), and gore soaked top down shooter, Tormentor x Punisher.

Since December 2018, Epic has continued to dish out the free video gaming goodness starting with Subnautica, Super Meat Boy, What Remains of Edith Finch, and the Jackbox Party Pack.

Instead of slowing down, the Fortnite publisher has only stepped things up in recent months having committed to giving away two games a week (and sometimes even more).

Headlining this week’s update is Watch Dogs, perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated games of the current generation. After a stunning debut, Ubisoft’s hacking-focused open world adventure didn’t have quite the same level of sheen when the game finally arrived though it still did well, picking up an 8/10 in our review:

Watch Dogs was probably never going to be the ground-breaking “next-gen” experience many had envisioned back in 2012. It’s hardly run-of-the-mill but at the same time only makes a few genuine attempts to break the mould. However, in these areas – such as the online multiplayer – there are genuine glimmers of innovation worthy of merit, and if you look anywhere else, players will still find an open-world game backed by a unique premise and solid core gameplay.

The Stanley Parable is equally as enticing but for completely different reasons. This smart, story-driven first person exploration game is by far one of the funniest you’ll find even today on PC, quickly becoming one of our favourite hits of 2013.

Source: Epic Games Store

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