Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – How to use Layered Weapons in Title Update 3

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a game dedicated to one thing and one thing alone: looking good. Okay, okay, maybe there’s some of that hunting monsters malarkey in there, but the key thing is that you really look the part while doing so. Your armour is an important part of that look, but it’s no good being clad in the most beautiful plating going if your weapon looks like it’s been put together by an untrained Palico!

Fortunately the freshly released Title Update 3 has you covered, as alongside layered armour you can now indulge in a spot of weapon layering as well.

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What are layered weapons?

Layered weapons are a new feature where you can change the visual appearance of your chosen weapon while retaining all of its current stats. So, if you love the raw power of one weapon but would rather it looks like something else, then now you can. You can also swap out different parts of your weapon too, so you can alter the blade or the handle independently, as you see fit.

How do you layer weapons?

Heading to the smithy today will see one of those lovely yellow exclamation marks above his head, and he’ll give you the lowdown on how layering works.

You’ll find it under the Augment Equipment option of the Smithy, and you’re able to layer any weapon that appears as an option below the other augments and Custom Upgrades.

From here you can make changes to the Base section of the weapon, which is generally the blade, and the Parts section, which is generally the hilt section, made up of the guard, grip and pommel.

Each different visual option costs both Resource Points and a number of different materials, so you may find that you’ll need to do some gathering or hunting if there’s a particular look you’re after.

It’s worth remembering that unlike Custom Upgrades this is a purely visual option, it doesn’t change your weapon’s stats, affinity or element type.

Unfortunately, some weapons, no matter how hard you try, simply won’t support this type of customisation due to their unique nature. Sorry Demon Rod users!

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