Sumo Digital release arachnid espionage puzzler Spyder for Apple Arcade

Sumo Digital have just released Spyder for Apple Arcade, a stealth adventure puzzler featuring a espionage specialist robot spider… because of course!


Taking inspiration from spy movies and Pixar, Spyder is set in an alternate 1971, with the high-tech spy robot a key tool in infiltrating all manner of locations. From the depths of the ocean to outer space, you’ll be guiding Agent 8 – presumably his predecessor only have seven legs? – through 360º environments, solving puzzles, and foiling evil schemes to destroy the world.

Spyder comes from the same place as Snake Pass, Sumo Digital’s first self-published game. It was the winning idea from an internal game jam held by Sumo Digital employees, and subsequently spun into a fully formed game.

Similar to Snake Pass, it looks like novel ideas have managed to skitter their way into the game’s design. Snake Pass drew plaudits for its innovative snake physics and how that led to slithering through challenging platforming puzzles.

We said in our Snake Pass review:

Managing to be both nostalgic and refreshingly new, Snake Pass is a glorious adventure that brings the 3D puzzle platformer right up to date. Barring some frustrations and a tough difficulty level, there are few indie games that provide such a thoroughly entertaining, beautifully designed experience as Sumo Digital have created here.

Perhaps the only disappointing thing here is that it’s exclusive to Apple Arcade, and not seeing a wider release as its predecessor did. Hopefully that won’t be the case for too long!

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