Cyberpunk 2077 1/6 scale articulated figures announced

PureArts and CD Projekt Red have joined forces to create a two new 1/6 scale articulated figures based on the forthcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game. Now I know what you’re thinking, the game lets you design your own character so how does that work? Well there are male and female models of the character V, and each one comes with some extras to customise the figure.

Common to all V:
*1/6 scale fully articulated body (over 30 points of articulation)
*Hand-painted head sculpt with detailed skin texture and Kiroshi Optics
*Custom tailored clothing
*Leather jacket with blue lights in the collar
*Black cotton t-shirt
*Militech – M-10AF Lexington
*branded base
*(1) Right hand holding the Militech – M-10AF Lexington
*(1) Right fist
*(1) Left fist

For Vmale kits only:
*Slim, low-waist jeans
*High-top black textile sneakers with orange lights on the outsole
*Constitutional arms – M2067 Defender
*(1) Left arm articulated Mantis blade
*(2) Hands holding the Constitutional arms – M2067 Defender

For Vfemale kits only:
*Black, skinny, low-waist leather trousers with silver keychain with carabiner
*Black, high, platform motorcycle shoes made of leather
*Kang Tao – G-58 Dian
*(2) Strong arms
*(2) Hands holding the Kang Tao – G-58 Dian

The models also include an “ingenious LED device” hidden under the leather jacket’s collar and on the shoes for Vmale.There is also an exact replica of V’s Sportbike which the character uses in the video game. “Every single detail of the Sportbike is reproduced as well on the 1/6 scale badass machine that features some die-cast parts, rolling-wheels, and front and back light options,” say PureArts.


Sounds good, right? Well let’s just check the price. One V 1/6 scale figure (male or female) plus the Yaiba Kusanagi Sportbike will cost you $599. Yikes. You can get both figures and the bike for $799. You have until March 31st to bag a 10% discount off online pre-order, and the first 250 pre-orders of each kit will get an exclusive Cyberpunk 2077 gift, the Spider Bot which is also included in all Ultimate bundles.

If you have deep pockets then you can shop here.

Earlier this year CD Projekt RED announced that it was delaying Cyberpunk 2077 from its initial release date of April 16th and it will now arrive on September 17th.

Source: Press release

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