Nintendo release Good Job!, an action-puzzler nepotism simulator for Switch

Announced and released during yesterday’s mini Nintendo Direct, Good Job! is a quirky action-puzzle game for Nintendo Switch, casting you as the son of the CEO, given a lowly job at his company and climbing the corporate ladder by solving all manner of bizarre problems.


Good Job! is pretty slapstick when it wants to be, with a range of possible solutions when taking on the game’s puzzles. You could awkwardly drag a projector through tight corridors and around people, or you could use power cables to sling it through walls to the destination. I mean, who’s going to stop you? It’s your dad’s company!

You will still be graded on your performance for each task you take on, based on how many things you broke, the price of what you’ve destroyed, and how quickly you get the job done. But again, don’t worry about it too much, because your dad’s the CEO. It might be better to smash through walls and get something done tout suite than take your time and be late.

While still relatively rare, Nintendo have taken to publishing smaller indie games for Nintendo Switch, such as Snipperclips and wobbly co-op paramedic game The Stretchers. Good Job! is another example of this, coming from developer Paladin Studios. This game also features co-op, so it definitely fits the mould. Leaning into the Switch’s natural capabilities, you can simply pass a Joy-Con to another person and play together. I mean, it’ll probably be quicker with two of you, right?

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  1. There’s a lot of appeal to this, the Portal 2 cutscene style presentation is an instant hook and the part of the trailer where the projector gets flung through a wall was the moment I was sold. Now, all I need is a Switch…

    • If only you were that kid with an uncle who works for Nintendo, you could get one through appropriately nepotistic channels!

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