What We Played #443 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bleeding Edge & Nioh 2

A week into my business being closed, I’ve spent the day in the garden making a huge mess. Well, it was a mess to start with, and now it’s looking much better, but it was quite the sight when I was in the middle of things. All of this time off has meant that I’ve had some wonderful family time instead, and along with teaching our eight year old son English – and him teaching us the new way of doing long division – there’s been plenty of time for gaming!

I’ve loved Animal Crossing: New Horizons so far. To be fair, how could you not right now? It’s the perfect way to spend your time in lockdown, on a lovely secluded island. Those animals are even pretty good about social distancing. Apart from Agnes. She just keeps running right up to me! Besides that, there’s been some Shield Wall on PC, Bleeding Edge on Xbox One and a bunch of things on Stadia. Yup, I’m playing Stadia, and I like it.

We’ve had a new writer join us this week, and it’s Drea Bunce, who we think might be related to Nic B? She’s been playing Neon City Riders and Half Past Fate for review, and it’s great to have her join the team!

Jim has been taking baby steps with Control this week and is really enjoying it, saying “I’m immersing myself and reading all the lore entries etc. instead of doing my normal blitz through these type of action games”. He’s also had a PS3 kick on the go this week; “It seems like a fitting time to go back and play MotorStorm: Apocalypse and although it has some rough edges I’m really enjoying how crazy and over the top it is.”

Jim has been taking baby steps with Control this week and is really enjoying it, saying “I’m immersing myself and reading all the lore entries etc. instead of doing my normal blitz through these type of action games”. He’s also had a PS3 kick on the go this week; “It seems like a fitting time to go back and play MotorStorm: Apocalypse and although it has some rough edges I’m really enjoying how crazy and over the top it is.”

Jason has been playing Animal Crossing. “I’m still not sure if digitally doing chores and work is actually helping me do real-life chores and work, but at least I can go outside in the game.” He continues, “I’ve also been playing One Step From Eden, which is probably my new game of the year so far. It combines the Mega Man Battle Network combat system with a roguelike and feels tailor-made for me specifically. I’ve also sunk a fair bit of time into Half-life: Alyx, which is so good it’s kind of annoying. Like, did Valve need to flex so hard?” Added to that, he’s also dropped some time into his comfort food games: Monster Hunter World, Earth Defence Force 5, and Binding of Isaac.

Much love and respect to Aran this week as he’s has been hard at work playing NHS Staff simulator. “Pros: Getting lots of thanks from the public. Cons: I’m knackered and more exposed to the virus.” Nick P meanwhile has also been getting involved in his first Animal Crossing and is enjoying it! “Everyone’s islands that I’ve visited are way better than mine, though.” He’s also been playing Nioh 2 which he declares to be “VERY GOOD!” and has been getting wins in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Tuffcub has played a new interactive VR simulation called WFH, which he says is “not as enjoyable as I had thought, but does include kitty hugs and naps so that’s good. Other that I have been playing Grindy McGrindFace aka Destiny 2.”

Steve got good enough at Microsoft Teams that he thought he’d try the spinoff Skype for Business too. “Not feeling it as much, TBH”. Aside from those “games” he’s been replaying Psychonauts on PS4 as it seemed an appropriate level of weird, and continued with his PS3 exclusives catch-up. He’s got all the Killzones and Resistances done and Heavenly Sword is now completed, which he enjoyed in large part from the pioneering cutscenes and acting. He also rattled through the Resi 3 demo too, saying “Man, they’ve upgraded Nemesis to a whole new level. He jumps around like Louis Spence now!”

Gamoc has been playing Paper Beast for review and, when not doing that, has returned to Minecraft during some sleepless nights, sinking a good 20 hours into that this week. Ade meanwhile has been playing more Nioh 2, saying “I finally defeated that big stupid fire demon thing, then I killed a big weird snake god thing before finally helping a bunch of other people online to do the same. It’s a cracking game, much more accessible than the original whilst still being bastard hard.”

Tef played a ton of Animal Crossing again this week, and was rewarded for his efforts when he found a turnip buying price of 621 Bells – that’s a lot, in case you don’t know. He then proceeded to open the multiplayer floodgates and let anyone that wanted to do some turnip trading come to visit his island.

Miguel played a little Murder by Numbers, a whole lot of Animal Crossing, and a bunch of Nioh 2! “I fell off the first Nioh hard, but Nioh 2 is so much goofy fun with friends, I’m having a blast. Also playing some One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 too!”

And finally we come back to the Bunces, as Nic B has been studying in Persona 5, because Royal has got him completely hooked on the game again.

What have you been getting into this week?

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  1. Took a couple of things out of my backlog, which was a good start. (Chances of PS Now adding lots again for April and ruining all that backlog progress?)

    Wolfenstein 2 was lots of fun. Especially when I accidentally got a trophy for kicking Hitler in the head. Bonus points for having an actor who definitely falls under the category “that guy who was in that thing” who popped up in the game and 2 different TV programmes I watched this week.

    And then Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Possibly the worst of the 3 most recent Tomb Raider games. Still enjoyable, but not without it’s flaws. Some of those chase sequences are quite impressive, but let down by unresponsive controls leading to instant deaths 3 times in a row before you learn to anticipate a jump.

    Apart from those and little bits of things here and there, it was The Division 2 again. Not sure about some of the changes with the New York DLC. Spent ages at level 30 getting my gear score up to the max, and then suddenly it’s all useless, you hit level 40 by the end of the DLC story, and then it’s the complicated recalibration station to improve from there. The whole game is still a huge improvement over the first though.

    Then there were the virus related games. You must call them games, because otherwise you’d go mad.

    “Failing to buy food” is poor sequel to the classic “buying tasty things in shops” game. 3/10. But I’ll probably give it another go.

    “Spot the idiot” is fun, but a bit too easy. (2 parents and 3 kids do not need to be going for a walk all at once!)

    And then “going to an exciting gig you’ve been looking forward to for ages” is broken and I shall be demanding a fix or a refund. It was Nick Cave in May. Can’t complain, as it’ll be rescheduled sometime. And we did have another gig 4 weeks ago. The Mission (anyone remember them?) who played an epic 3 hour set as a warmup for the tour that then got cancelled.

    Still, it could be worse. Hopefully everyone else is coping and catching up on those backlogs. Remember to wash your hands, avoid everyone and don’t lick things you shouldn’t.

    • I’m with you with most things you say, but why should a family of 3 or 4 or 5 not be allowed to go for a walk? We are 4, and of course we need to go outside sometimes, for a walk or cycling, not in town, but where there’s not many people, and we’re really strict about keeping distance, much more so and since longer than most people around us. What is wrong with that?

      • I was out walking the dog (which really is necessary) when I came across the family of 5 just out for a walk together (which might be nice, but really isn’t necessary). With no way to avoid them, other than climbing into a hedge if I’d been there 30 seconds earlier. As it was, I managed to avoid them by walking across some grass.

        Most people out walking dogs or going to the shops are being sensible and letting people pass at a safe distance. But some are being idiots. Which isn’t surprising, when the government’s advice (eventually) is “don’t go out, unless it’s really necessary, or if you really want to”.

  2. Division 2, mostly, exploring the town, solving those riddles getting to the more hidden SHD caches is really fun. I’m stuck at level 30 for a while now, and I struggle trying not to get that DLC… (I know I hardly paid anything for the main game, so I should, but…).

    Besides that, a lot of Teams, some Zoom, Skype, bringing my kids to Skype, and now struggling for household bandwidth, etc. Oh, and setting up regulations about not having video calls from one room to the other…

    And, also some Forma.8 (which is very good), some Star Wars Battlefront 2 local co-op (which I hated, it felt so bad), some Rayman Legends and HZD (starting over with my son).

    • Just get the DLC! The SHD caches in New York are quite fun to find. Some of the ones in the main game are quite well hidden, but the New York ones are even more challenging to find.

      And the update for the DLC kind of broke the game a bit if you’re stuck on level 30. Seemed to make it harder if you hadn’t got the best gear. Which makes it harder to get better gear. Unless you buy the DLC, and then all your old gear is rapidly replaced as you shoot up to level 40. (At which point you at least get further levels that give you more of a boost and just happen by getting XP)

      • Now, that sounds excellent..! More good SHD caches… Ok, I think I finally give in…

      • There’s the SHD levels (which I guess go up to about 1000) and the Season Pass (your typical battle pass thing that levels up at the same rate). Once you hit level 40 they come surprisingly quickly. I’ve been doing the main missions on hard to get that trophy, and you level those up at least once in a mission. Or even quicker with the directives you can activate.

        And best of all, there’s no download for the DLC. It all came in the big update. So not buying it means you’re wasting all that precious disk space! ;)

    • Oh, and I forgot: I tried to avoid all the Animal Crossbreed Horizon something news and I still hope TSA will not become an Animal whatsoever Anonymous self-help website… ;-)

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