Horror title Quantum Error revealed by TeamKill for PS5 and PS4

TeamKill Media has revealed as first person horror title for PS5 and PS4 which is called Quantum Error. There is very little detail about the game as of yet but a teaser trailer has been released. In the trailer it appears you are dropped off at a remote outpost of some kind where something has gone quite wrong, leading to the deaths of the people that were stationed there.

The only information is the short description shared by TeamKill which says:

QUANTUM ERROR is a cosmic-horror first-person shooter currently in development by TeamKill Media for the PS5 and PS4.

What makes this a cosmic horror title instead of a regular horror title? Your guess is as good as mine but going by the trailer I’d assume whatever experiment was being carried out at the outpost has opened up some kind of rift that has led to creatures coming into attack this world, and they look like they wouldn’t be out of place if they were in Event Horizon.

There is no release date set by TeamKill for when to expect Quantum Error to launch. It could be at the launch of the PS5 or it could be later on for all we know. What we do know is that Quantum Error is just a handful of titles confirmed for PS5. Others include Outriders, which also coming to Xbox Series X, the PS5 console exclusive Godfall. Rainbow Six Siege will also be making the jump to the next generation, along with other Ubisoft titles Watch Dogs Legion, and Gods & Monsters.We also know a new BioShock is in development for the next generation of consoles.

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are still expected to launch in Holiday 2020 despite the impact COVD 19 has had upon the manufacturing sector in recent weeks.

Source: TeamKill

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  1. Doesn’t “cosmic horror” just mean “tentacles and other weird shit”? But they don’t want to use the L word.

    • Let’s hope not, hoping for something a little more original.

      • The other option is that the word “quantum” in the title is important. Which means someone will have a vague idea of what it means. Just enough to get it hilariously wrong.

        I’d prefer tentacles to a complete misunderstanding of physics, really.

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