April’s Games with Gold include Project Cars 2 and Fable Anniversary

Another month, another four free games being thrown at Xbox Live Gold subscribers. April’s selection is definitely one of the better months I can think of, with the authentic racing of Project Cars 2 and classic role playing gaming of Fable Anniversary the two standouts.

Joining them are the Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle, with this retro styled faux tabletop RPGs a bit of gun, and Toybox Turbos.


As usual, their release is staggered through the month, but you can actually already grab Project Cars 2 and Fable Anniversary now… in March! Just follow these links to snag them from the Microsoft Store:

While Project Cars 2 was a bit too buggy at launch and featured some very wonky car handling in certain disciplines – it was this that led to frustration and a 6/10 review score from us – it matured quite quickly with a slew of major updates and fresh content in the form of DLC. It’s well worth checking out if you fancy a bit of serious racing.

Meanwhile Fable Anniversary was a remaster of the Xbox original released late in the Xbox 360’s life. In fact, it came out in February 2014, four months after the launch of the Xbox One. It was a major graphical overhaul, porting the game into Unreal Engine 3 to improve it with widescreen support, higher polygon counts, larger textures, improve lighting and shadows, a larger draw distance and more. The game was then brought to PC via Steam in September 2014.

That’s what’s coming up, but there’s still (just) time to grab the games from March.

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