Paladin’s new character is rather unfortunately called Corvus

Free to play online shooty game Paladins is getting a brand new character! Hurrah! He’s called Corvus, which totally doesn’t sound like a shortened version of Coranavirus at all! No! Stop thinking that, that’s just a coincidence.

Note to Paladins developer: It does. Seriously, how did you not notice that? CORonaVirUS? Hello? 


Corvus joins the game in April and clever beans over on Reddit have already datamined the game to find out Corvus’ talents.

Corvus, the Magistrate’s Blade – Support, 2200 HP


  • CorvusLMB
    • Machine Pistol
    • 50 Ammo
    • 70 Damage
    • Fires every 0.07s
    • 110 Effective Range
  • CorvusRMB
    • 4s cooldown
    • Heals successively for 50, 75, 100 and then 125, all in the span of around a second
    • You can miss it (think of it as Damba’s Mending Spirits)
  • CorvusQ – Mark
    • 2s cooldown
    • Official description: Mark an ally, causing them to be healed for 55% of the healing done to non-marked targets by your RMB. Directly Healing a Marked ally will increase the Healing done to them by 10% and reduce the Cooldown of your RMB by 1s. Only one ally can be Marked at a time and the Mark will bounce to the closest nearby ally if the Marked ally dies.
    • Passive Mark
    • Affects allies, but doesn’t heal
  • CorvusF – Dagger
    • 7s cooldown
    • Throws a dagger that sticks to the ground/wall. Hitting enemies with it deals 400 damage. An icon shows up indicating where the dagger hit, and only disappears when you die. When it collides with anything on the map, it stays active for 9~10 seconds and then goes on cooldown.
  • CorvusULT
    • Official description: Rise up into the air, becoming Immune to Crowd Control and reducing your damage taken by 60% while maintaining some air control. Target the ground to deal 1350 damage and leave a pool that deals 300 damage every 1s for 5s and Slows enemies caught inside by 50%.
    • You… fly?
    • Can be activated at 60% no matter the talent
    • Gives Corvus 60% Damage Reduction (tested with Cassie’s damage on him)
    • You basically lose the ability to move vertically and gain an immense amount of momentum horizontally. You are not allowed to shoot or use any ability. Can’t be canceled early either.
    • Has an activation time and a 3P animation for that
    • You can also propel yourself up while activating, just like with Furia’s ultimate.
    • Remember that bug with Kinessa that allowed you to go above the skybox and you moved like crazy? Yeah, feels just like that, but with more control of where you’re going.


  • Talent 1
    • Affects his Q (Passive Mark)
  • Talent 2
    • Also affects his Q
  • Talent 3
    • Affects his F (Dagger)
    • Apparently stuns enemies hit by Dagger throw. There are mentions to “Dagger stun”, and since it’s not in the base kit I assume it’s here.


  • RMB:
    • Restore ammo when healing with RMB
    • Reduce the cooldown of Blink after healing with RMB
    • Healed target gains Damage Reduction for short duration after the heal
  • F (Dagger):
    • Reduce cooldown of blink dagger for each enemy hit
    • Increase projectile speed of blink dagger
    • Increase movement speed after throwing dagger
    • Reduce damage taken while Dagger is out (removed on tele, whatever this means, probably deprecated)
  • Armor/Weapon
    • Gain shield after dropping below 35% Health
    • Increase max ammo
    • Increase all healing you do while above 85% health
  • Q (Passive Mark)
    • Shields targets hit for around 1s

Random mentions

  • Triple Beacon
  • Multimark


  • Dragon Rider Battle Pass
    • Dragon Rider Furia
    • Dragon Rider Khan
    • Dragon Rider Viktor
    • Dragon Rider Drogoz (from last datamining, not certain)
    • True Dragon Mount
  • Other Skins
    • Furia’s Soul-Stealer weapon is still in the game, but there are no other mentions for the skin itself
    • Collarless Corvus
    • Pyre Corvus
  • Avatars
    • Four-leaf GroverObtainable through special promotions or events.
    • TerminEasterObtainable through special promotions or events.
    • Gentleman RaumBrush away your opponents and let ring the peals of Thunder as you Raumpage into m’lady’s heart.

Other Mentions

Source: Reddit

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  1. It’s unfortunate due to the similarities, but Corvus is the latin name and genus for crows and ravens

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