Activision culls more than 50,000 Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters

When it comes to Call of Duty: Warzone and cheaters, Activision are taking no prisoners. The publisher issued an update via the official Activision blog underlining their zero tolerance policy against those using cheats in for popular battle royale shooter.


In a post titled “Cheaters not welcomed in Call of Duty: Warzone” they claim that more than 50,000 accounts have already been perma-banned since the game’s release.

Activision will remain vigilant and monitor Warzone data 24/7 to identify the use of aimbots, wallhacks, and other cheats, swiftly carrying out investigations and swinging the ban hammer where necessary.

This kind of anti-cheating programme is hardly unique though it’s not often we see publishers reporting these kinds of numbers publicly. It stands as a deterrent to those looking to spoil the game for others while giving other players some reassurance that Activision is keeping a watchful eye on cheaters.

So far the game’s reception has been mostly positive, Warzone scooping more than 6 million players within its first 24 hours. Nick describes the game as his latest battle royale obsession here.

Those playing on PlayStation 4 can redeem some free PlayStation Plus goodies (the game itself doesn’t require a PS+ subscription). The complementary Call of Duty: Warzone “Combat Pack” includes the following bonus items:

  • 1 Operator Skin
  • 1 Weapon Blueprint
  • 1 Double XP Token
  • 1 Calling Card
  • 1 Weapon Charm
  • 1 In-Game Watch

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched last November to rave reviews, a majority of critics praising Infinity Ward’s grounded reboot of the sub-series. Here’s what we had to say in our 8/10 review:

Infinity Ward was never going to recapture the magic of the original Modern Warfare, but this is still their most memorable Call of Duty game of the past decade. This is a bold new spin that’s uneven in places, but proves there is still room for innovation within that core template.

Source: Official Activision Blog

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