Minecraft Dungeons is coming out for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC in May

A dungeon crawling spin off to the best-selling game in the world, Minecraft Dungeons is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on 25th May. It’s also heading straight into Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.


Announced back in 2018, the game is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers like Diablo, featuring co-up for up to four players locally and online. You’ll be working your way through blocky dungeons, battling traditional enemies from the Minecraft series and trying to stuff your pockets full of treasure and new loot.

The story is a quest to save villagers and face off against the evil Arch-Illager, but we all know that it’s really going to be about customising your character build using unique items and weapon enchantments to enhance your style of play, whether you prefer to play ranged or wade in as a tank. You’ll be able to replay levels in order to grind for better and better loot.

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