Apex Legends ‘The Old Ways’ event makes Duos and Kings Canyon map rotation permanent

It’s back to the good old days for Apex Legends, with the upcoming ‘The Old Ways’ lore event kicking off next week on 7th April. It brings Kings Canyon back to be a permanent part of the game, as well as carving a spot out for Duos, while also featuring a new narrative driven element for the character Bloodhound.


Running from 7th to 21st April, Bloodhound’s Trials will take over the town in the northwest portion of World’s Edge. Here you can battle against a horde of prowlers to claim high tier loot. The obvious danger here is that you might be battling the AI prowlers, but other players might be watching on, waiting for you to drop your guard.

Through The Old Wars event, there’s an additional prize track of rewards inspired by the Stories from the Outlands: The Old Ways digital short. As with previous events, you can earn up to 1000 points per challenge set, with fresh challenges cycling in each day.

There’s also a bunch of new cosmetics, with event-exclusive legendary and rare skins, and the return of the Legendary Hunt skins. The 8 original Legendary Hunt skins will be available for direct purchase, as well as recoloured variants of Wraith and the R-301 that were battle pass exclusives.

But I think long time players might be more excited by the permanent changes to the game. While Apex Legends has been seen as a game for teams of three ever since launch, Respawn have held occasional events with Duos and Solos queues. Now Duos will be permanent alongside Trios. Similarly, Kings Canyon was the original map, but was swapped for the World’s Edge map late last year and reserved for special events. That too is coming back in a permanent rotation.

You could see this as Respawn setting a solid foundation for the game to riff off through future events such as this Town Takeover, trading one form of time-limited gimmick for something that might feel more substantial to players. Of course, a third map wouldn’t go amiss either…

Source: press release, Apex Legends

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