MotoGP 20 Managerial Career demoed in latest trailer

With MotoGP 20 due out later this month on 23rd April, Milestone have released a trailer all about the big return of a Managerial Career to the game.

Having debuted in 2017 and then been dropped for the transition to Unreal Engine, Managerial Career’s revival is intended to grow the mode with more nuance to the strategic side of the sport. Taking part in winter and mid-season tests lets you develop your bike by choosing three different performance packages and choosing which suits you best, before spending development points to improve that basis in a myriad of ways.

But it’s not just about what happens on track, it’s about the whole team. There’s also the impact of your technical staff, forcing you to budget between splashing out on an expensive technician who can boost your R&D, while you’ll work with engineers that are skilled in different areas to bring those parts to your bike.

You can lead a brand new team for the sport, creating a custom look with an enhanced graphic editor, and your entourage includes a personal manager, who can make meaningful sponsorship and contract opportunities appear.

This is just the starting point for MotoGP 20, with Milestone promising new features that will support the game after launch.

Last year’s game was already a good step forward for the series, but marred by a lack of polish. Tom said in our review, “MotoGP 19 is far and away the best MotoGP game by Milestone to date and a marked improvement over recent versions. A few glitches take you out of the moment, and there is a need for some special seasoning sprinkled on the top to really make this a truly great racing title, but for fans of the sport, they now have a video game that better represents the action-packed real-life on-track action.”

When MotoGP 20 was announced back in February, it was pitched as being Milestone’s most ambitious entry in the series yet, with a debut just weeks after the MotoGP season’s start. Of course, all real world sports are off the table, but that won’t affect the game, which is still due out on 23rd April for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

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