Sci-fi MMORTS Starborne launches into open beta

After a monumental nine years of development, the sci-fi MMORTS of Starborne is now in open beta, with developer Solid Clouds opening the game’s doors to all and sundry on PC.


The game is, to put it mildly, a bit of a time sink, with each match taking place over the course of eight weeks. Thousands of players can sign up during a server’s first week, claiming a star system and racing to build up their little empire in the game’s early days. This eventually turns to alliance and federation building, with the ultimate goal being to capture and build up a Dyson Sphere or be more complete than your rivals in other parts of the galaxy.

It’s all pretty atypical in the realms of modern gaming, with elements of the earliest MMO and online RTS games from the 90s. It’s also a bit of an idle game at times, as you wait in real time for the construction of your latest space station to complete.

The Open Beta sees a major overhaul to the game, creating three ways to win a game of Starborne – military, industrial and domain. To help with that, there’s a new galactic map with zones designed to encourage empire building and expansion, while the alliance size has been reduced to 15 and the game lengthened to 10 weeks. Hoping to keep players engaged, there’s also a preview of a companion app on Android on the way.

We dove into the game back in August, and you can check out the preview here. Honestly, it started to drag a little after spending a week or two playing and seeing that there was little real hope for our alliance to succeed. From the above changes, it definitely sounds like the game is heading in the right direction, and can hopefully do more to sustain players’ interest for the duration of a match.

Source: press release

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