Cathartically clean a filthy house in PowerWash Simulator by FuturLab

You might know Futurlab from the twitchy arcade perfection of Velocity 2X, maybe their PSVR games Tiny Trax or Mini-Mech Mayhem. Put those games and genres to one side, because they’ve just announced… PowerWash Simulator!

That’s right, their next game is about grabbing a power washer and unleashing jets of water to clear the whole exterior of a house in as calm and methodical a fashion as you like.

“How niche!” you might think, but let’s put it another way: the Power Washing Porn subreddit (of totally safe for work and thoroughly satisfying examples of power washing) has over 900,000 subscribers, while the Animal Crossing subreddit has around 600,000. People really like the idea of power washing stuff!

FuturLab have actually brought their plans for the game forward, so there’s now a completely free playable demo to grab from, playable on Windows PC.


The original plan had been to release the game into Early Access, but as they explain: “recent world events motivated us to share our early demo because frankly, we thought folks could do with a relaxing stress reliever right now!”

That said, while the demo is out there now, it’s still their intention to go through Early Access later this year and craft a full game.

So, if you just want to attack a filthy house with high powered jets of water and relax… FuturLab have got your back.


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