Journey to the Savage Planet’s first expansion is Hot Garbage

Typhoon Studios and 505 Games have revealed the first DLC expansion for Journey to the Savage Planet, and it’s Hot Garbage. Their words, not ours!


Out on 15th April for Xbox One and PC – the PS4 version is coming soon – Hot Garbage will take players to the new alien planet DL-C1 – geddit? – asking you to investigate reports of pollutants at Kindred Aerospace’s interstellar waterfront resort. Turns out that Vyper Corp (the 2nd Best in Space company) are taking advantage, and it’s up to you to foil their plan.

Throughout the new adventure, you’ll be constantly berated by the trash-talking robot Kronus, while using the Kindred scanner to make new discoveries and unlock new gear and ability upgrades. If you’ve wanted lead boots for underwater exploration, a new Kindred suit for toxic area protection, and unlimited stamina for sprinting and flight, this DLC will have you covered.

The expansion will be out for Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store on 15th April for £7.99, with a PlayStation 4 release coming soon. Additionally, the main game is coming to Xbox Game Pass this week on 9th April.

We rather enjoyed the game when it came out in January, with Dom tackling the Journey to the Savage Planet review. He said:

“A rollicking space adventure, Journey to the Savage Planet has the smarts to make you laugh out loud while taking shots at consumerism and big business.”

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  1. Damn, i forgot about JTTSP – should have grabbed it before everywhere shut down! Ah well, i’ve enough to get on with and it’s too nice a day to be stuck inside anyway. Journey to the freshly mowed garden for me.

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