Bleeding Edge update fixes achievements, lag, and other issues, patch notes here

Ninja Theory has released a new patch today for its multiplayer brawler Bleeding Edge. This update has been rolled out to fix issues like certain achievements not unlocking when the criteria has been met, the Welcome to the Jungle quest not tracking correctly, and stopping teams from using the same characters in a line up. Matchmaking has also been addressed meaning parties should not end up in regions where there is a high ping, and correct servers are chosen for solo players to mitigate the issue of lag.

The full Bleeding Edge patch notes can be found below.

Bleeding Edge April 9th update patch notes


  • Fixed: Several issues preventing achievements from unlocking correctly.
  • Fixed: Issue where if multiple Xbox Live accounts were logged in simultaneously, Achievements could unlock on the wrong account. These achievements should unlock for the correct account the next time they log into game after downloading the patch.
  • Fixed: Stats tracked by Achievements now matches player facing stats.
  • Fixed: A bug with the “Certified” Achievement specifically, where tutorials completed were not being tracked for Achievement progress.

PLEASE NOTE: Any player who has already met the required criteria for unlocking an Achievement may have to update the tracked data for it to unlock. For example: if you already have 50 killing blows, earn 1 more Killing Blow to update the tracked stat and the Achievement should unlock.

User interface & Navigation

  • Fixed: A bug where the Introductory Quest “Welcome to the Jungle” would not update correctly when basic tutorials were completed.
  • Improved: When chat settings are altered via the options screen, the changes are immediate rather than applying for next game.
  • Fixed: An issue where player key inputs in a text window would still register as keyed action outside of chat, example: pressing C when naming a mod build or typing in party chat would cancel matchmaking.
  • Fixed: Issue when selecting tutorials whilst playing in Russian.

Fighter Select

  • Fixed: A bug that would prevent players from scrolling left after attempting to select a Fighter who has been taken already.
  • Fixed: Known bug which could be exploited to enable a team to select multiple of the same Fighter.
  • Fixed: A bug where the wrong Fighter name plate would show when selecting your Super before a match starts.
  • Fixed: A visual bug where board outlines incorrectly showed through walls and scenery.
  • Fixed: An Issue where players who have the Punk Pack installed on their Xbox One or PC did not receive the cosmetic items in game.

PLEASE NOTE: As outlined in the Punk Pack release details and support pages: The Punk Pack is exclusive to players who pre-ordered Bleeding Edge or played with Xbox Game Pass within the first week of launch (March 24th 7am GMT – March 31st 7am GMT.)

  • Fixed: Several bugs and other problems causing the game to crash, freeze and never recover or crash to home/desktop.


  • Fixed: Issue allowing parties to matchmake in incorrect regions, causing high pings.
  • Fixed: Issue where players in solo matchmaking queue were being mistakenly assigned to the wrong servers, causing lag and ping issues.
  • Fixed: Server selection issue preventing players in South Africa from matchmaking correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: Collectively these fixes also address the issue of players being unable to find a game when in parties.


  • Fixed: Issue where local time zone on system falling out of sync would prevent the player from being able to log into game.
  • Fixed: A problem where Xbox Live authentication would time out and the player would see themselves as “offline” or “No Profile Selected”.

In our review for Bleeding Edge Dom wrote:

Bleeding Edge has all the components in place to be a genuinely entertaining multiplayer mainstay, there just needs to be more of it. With only a couple of maps and modes, and far too few skins and emotes, Ninja Theory will need to roll out more content to keep players engaged.
You can read the full review here.
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