Sea of Thieves Ships of Fortune update lands April 22nd, become an Emissary and get a cat

Rare has confirmed what Sea of Thieves players can expect when the April update lands on April 22nd. Titled the Ships of Fortune update this is piece of content focuses on trading companies and working for them. Players will have the choice to become emissaries for the trading companies of Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls and Athena’s Fortune to earn additional bonuses when completing contracts. If none of them take your fancy then maybe you want to join the new trading company called Reaper’s Bones. This company places battles and taking out other emissaries to claim their treasures.

Arena mode is also being updated to make it much more intense and frantic for all players. First off the time limit has been cut from 24 minutes to just 15 minutes. The maps have been replaced by a single chest that is indicated with a beacon, and that chest can only be cashed in at one location. Crews will also be able to revive downed pirate comrades in a brief window before they disappear for the rest of the match.

That’s not all that is coming to Sea of Thieves in the next update. You may already have a parrot or monkey companion, after all they are a quintessential companion for pirates, but ships also sometimes have cats. In the next update players will be able to get a cat companion with three types available; the Wildcat, the Ragamuffin, and the Mau. Each will have different colour options and there will be outfits available for each of them.

The release notes will be released closer to the time on the official Sea of Thieves website so you’ll be able to delve further into what to expect. The update, as like previous Sea of Thieves content updates, will be free for all players that have the game.

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