Godfall will have five different realms, will not be released on PS4

Gearbox’s Godfall is the first properly confirmed PS5 console exclusive with the game also set to release on PC via the Epic Games Store, and there has been some detail released but not a lot. What we know is that Godfall is being described as a looter slasher action RPG, basically a bit like looter shooters but with swords instead of guns. Now, the Official PlayStation Magazine has got some new details about Godfall and Respawn First has posted the details from the magazine.


First off, it may seem obvious but Godfall will not be released on PS4. It is a game that has been built for the next generation of console so if you want to play it you’ll either have to get it on PS5 or PC. There are also five realms to venture through in Godfall and they have been split between Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit. It’s almost Avatar: The Last Airbender-esque in that regard. I wonder if they were all at peace until the Fire realm attacked?

When it comes to gameplay some of it has been designed by developers that previously worked on Destiny 2, so you may see some ideas crossover from Bungie’s looter shooter. One of those ideas seems to be class distinction with the armour that your character wears indicating which class they belong to. The armour is made up of Valorplates and you will find new ones as you progress. The gameplay has also been inspired by the Souls series as well as Monster Hunter: World, and aggressive action will be more rewarded so you’re going to have to get stuck in when it comes to battles. On a technical side Godfall will support raytracing so those environments should pop with detail.

Godfall is expected to release during the winter of this year.

Source: OPM via Respawn First

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