Echo is now playable in Overwatch

Blizzard has confirmed that the 32nd character for Overwatch, Echo, is now playable in the game across all platforms. The studio had announced that Echo would be available at some point this week and it is now all confirmed. Echo was first revealed a few weeks ago and the robot will suit those who like their Damage characters. Of course, like any character. Echo has its own abilities to use during fights and you can check those out below the launch trailer.

  • Tri-shot: Echo fires 3 shots at once, in a triangle pattern.
  • Sticky Bombs:Echo fires a volley of sticky bombs that detonates after a delay.
  • Flight: Echo surges forward quickly, then can fly freely.
  • Focusing Beam: Echo channels a beam for a few seconds, dealing very high damage to targets with less than half health.
  • Glide: Echo can glide while falling.
  • Duplicate: Echo duplicates a targeted enemy hero and gains use of their abilities.

Echo is affiliated with the Overwatch squad and has joined Winston to rebuild the organization following its fall. You can read Echo’s origina story below:

To chart the origins of the Echo project, it is important to delve into the personal history of Singaporean scientist Dr. Mina Liao, who would later become perhaps best known as one of the early members of Overwatch. But prior to joining the organization, Dr. Liao was widely considered one of the preeminent experts in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, and an employee of Omnica Corporation. There she worked on the team that was responsible for the design and creation of the omnics that would ultimately wage war against humanity during the Omnic Crisis. Ultimately, it was this expertise that led her to be recruited into Overwatch to help stop her creations.

Even that catastrophe was not enough to dissuade Liao of her firmly held belief in the potential artificial life and its power to transform the lives of humanity for the better. She dreamed of improving upon the original omnic designs. These theories would become the foundation of the Echo project. However, due to Overwatch’s restrictions on artificial intelligence research and development after the Omnic Crisis, Liao was forced to limit Echo’s capabilities. What she created was a multirole, adaptive robot that could be programmed to learn different functions: anything from medical support to construction: but had serious limits to its independent decision making. Critically, Echo had multiple layers of protections, failsafes, and security to keep it under control. Echo was used successfully on test missions alongside Overwatch strike teams, but Overwatch leadership was reluctant to put it into full service.

Overwatch 2 was announced at BlizzCon 2019 where it was confirmed all the content from the sequel would be available in the original game.

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