Alleged concept art of cancelled Superman and Suicide Squad games found

It appears that artwork for the canceled Superman and Suicide Squad games from WB Montreal has been found and released online. It is just a handful of images but shows what may have been had WB Montreal continued with the projects. It seems one of the pieces is related to Superman while the other two are related to Suicide Squad, with the images including Superman flying through Metropolis, sketches of Harley Quinn, and what looks like Amanda Waller possibly staring at Deadshot in a cell, but that doesn’t appear to be confirmed yet. You can check out the concept art below.

There have been rumours about these games for a while including one that had Rocksteady working on a Superman game. However, nothing of that has come to pass. There are rumours that Rocksteady may be working on a Justice League game but, again, those are simply rumours and Rocksteady has not announced what it is working. What is almost 100% certain is WB Montreal’s next project. The studio has been teasing a Batman game for a long while now with all indications appearing to point to a game centred around the Court of Owls. The tagline is Capture The Knight. The teasing has been going on for ages and we’re no closer to learning where in the Batman games timeline this game appears. WB Montreal could do another prequel title to the Rocksteady trilogy, following on from Arkham Origins. Or WB Montreal may be handling the events taking place after the conclusion of Arkham Knight, possibly with Bruce Wayne being replaced by one of the other iterations of Batman.

I would say we’ll find out soon enough but with the length of time that has gone since the first teaser, I would not hold your breath.

Source: Twitter

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