The Dark Pictures: Little Hope reveal trailer is here, coming this summer

The first full trailer for Supermassive Games’ anthology horror game sequel has been revealed, with The Dark Pictures: Little Hope pencilled in for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in summer 2020.

The follow up to last year’s The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, Little Hope is a thematically similar horror game, but its story is unrelated as part of an anthology style series. They’re tied together by The Curator, voiced by Pip Torrens to introduce each story, witness the player’s progress and maybe give a hint or two.

Little Hope takes you from the South Pacific to the titular abandoned town, trapping four college students and their professor amidst impenetrable fog and tormenting them with nightmarish visions. The game won’t have you simply trying to escape, but understand the meaning of these events and try to connect them together, seemingly you’ll be hopping back and forth between time periods to do so.

Much like Man of Medan, the game can be played solo or in two multiplayer modes. Movie Night is all about local couch co-op with you passing the back between five different players, while Shared Story lets you play concurrently with another person online. There will also be a Curator’s Cut version of the story, inviting you to replay the game, though this is a pre-order bonus for launch. That proved a touch controversial for Man of Medan,

Pete Samuels, CEO Supermassive Games said, “We’re really excited to talk more about Little Hope! As the second chapter in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope is an all new and disturbing story for players to experience. Whether they are playing alone or with friends we can’t wait for players to get their hands on the Little Hope this summer.”

Tuffcub braved our Man of Medan review last August, saying “Mad of Medan looks and sounds gorgeous, but it’s spoiled by some technical issues and, depending on your choices, characters doing stupid things just so the plot can continue, both of which break the flow of what could have been a decent horror story. It’s an excellent night or two’s entertainment with a bunch of mates in a dark room and plenty of beer, though playing by yourself or online with a chum is an altogether more muted experience. This is a fair start to The Dark Pictures Anthology.”

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