Star Wars Battlefront 2 Battle of Scarif update is delayed again

EA Dice has confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Battle of Scarif‎ update is being delayed again. The update was originally slated for last month and then around mid-April, aka now. However, the new date is set for sometime towards the end of the month instead. A tweet was sent confirming this.

The original delay came about due to the fact the development team has shifted from being in the office to working from home due to the COVID 19 outbreak. This was confirmed in a statement put out last month.

The Star Wars team have now moved away from our office setup and into our homes.

Work continues on the game but the adjustment from the office environment into our homes has caused some knock-on effects to our workflows. We’re currently streamlining these processes and adapting as we move forward.

Mid April was the target but in the previous update the team did warn that this may change due to the ongoing situation and the new working reality. It seems the team just needs a bit more time to adjust to the new way of working and to make sure the update rolls out as smoothly as possible.

The Battle of Scarif update will see Supremacy mode come to the Age of Rebellion, and while Scarif is the main focus other locations from Rebellion will be added to the rotation. Additional locations for Heroes vs Villains and Co-Op will also be added as well as new heroes and villains making an appearance. Instant Action will be updated to include the Age of Rebellion. Finally, another way to play offline will be added to the game too.

When the update is eventually released we will post all of the details here on the site including the latest patch notes.

Source: Twitter

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