PlayStation 4 System Update 7.50 is not very exciting

If you turn on your PlayStation 4 today, you’ll be greeted by a system software update for your beloved console, bumping that version number up to 7.50. What does it do though?

Well, it’s the usual secretive tweaks and changes. There’s no big new features of note for end users, but that system performance is going to be stronger and more stable than ever.

Here’s the suitably spartan patch notes:

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Good to know. Thanks.

Your PS4 will happily just download and update this without your input these days, but if you want to make your life difficult, you can also install the update manually by downloading it from this link and then follow these instructions.

Of course, just because it hasn’t done something like increase the number of users supported by party chat, doesn’t mean it’s not doing things. System updates will fix glitches and bugs that users might be running into, cover up holes that sneaky hackers might use to jailbreak consoles, and they’ll lay the foundations of support for upcoming games.

Right around now seems a pretty great time for Sony to implement better system-side support for Predator: Hunting Grounds, the upcoming PS4 console exclusive from Friday the 13th: The Game developer IllFonic. Similarly, while it’s now been delayed indefinitely due to distribution concerns through the current global crisis, The Last of Us Part II’s development would have been wrapping up in the next couple of weeks.

The last major update to the PS4 came in October last year with version 7.00, with that aforementioned increase in party chat size. At the same time Sony was able to increase the audio quality of voice chat and introduce a new chat transcription feature available on connected smartphones and tablets. Remote Play was also given a bump with support for Android devices.

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