Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord coming to PS5 & Xbox, claims source

With Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord having only just launched in early access on PC, there’s already talk of a potential console version in the works.


Bannerlord has quickly become one of 2020’s most popular video games, developed by Turkish developer TaleWorlds Entertainment. This numbered sequel offers a mass of refinements over Mount & Blade: Warband which released more than a decade ago.

Now, according to PlayStation Universe, one of their trusted sources has confirmed that a PlayStation 4 release (as well a PS5) will be coming “at some point further down the road”:

While our source does not mention either PS4 or PS5 by name (they merely refer to them as ‘consoles’), it makes sense that when Mount & Blade II Bannerlord does eventually touchdown in console land, the next generation of consoles will be deeply entrenched by then and there would still be millions of PS4 owning folks out there who’d want a piece of the game.

TaleWorlds has made no indication to its player community that a console version of Bannerlord is in the works. With the game having only just hit Steam early access and the developers constantly pushing out new updates, making the leap to PlayStation and Xbox systems really doesn’t seem like a priority for the team.

This doesn’t rule out a console version, however. It took several years but a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One port of Mount & Blade: Warband did launch back in 2016 so Bannerlord could certainly follow suit. TaleWorlds has confirmed that they are currently working on Bannerlord controller support which will definitely aid the development of a console version.

From what we’ve played of Bannerlord it almost feels like more of a Mount & Blade remake than a sequel. The medieval sim’s web of mechanics is much less vague yet deeper at the same time, dressed up with vastly improved visuals.

Source: PlayStation Universe

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