Sony patent PS5 companion robot for lonely gamers

In the build up to the PS5’s big reveal, we’ve witnessed Sony file a number of intriguing patents, fuelling speculation as to what the next gen console may have to offer.


Some of those patents – such as the one for Sony’s DualShock Back Button attachment – have come to fruition (our review) though other, more lofty ideas don’t always get that crucial green light.

That could be the case for this latest patent filed by the Japanese tech giant. It details a robotic AI companion who will sit alongside users as they play, sharing in their emotions:

The inventor focused on the possibility of utilizing a robot as a joint viewing player who experiences sympathy with a user. For example, it is expected that the user’s affinity with the robot is increased and motivation for playing a game is enhanced by the robot viewing the gameplay next to the user and being pleased or sad together with the user.

The accompanying patent image shows a daft-looking placeholder with a fluffy body and dangling limbs. The robot is said to have a “feeling deduction” unit that will help assess a player’s sentiment, allowing it react with the appropriate response.

This, according to Sony, will enhance the user’s sense of motivation while playing video games, similar to having a partner, friend, or housemate in the same room. That said, it’s hard to imagine such a strange piece of tech ever entering production, let alone catching on with the PlayStation fanbase.

There have been other recent Sony patents which seem to be way more viable and could indeed become a part of their strategy for the PS5. These include an advanced new controller for virtual reality that incorporates finger tracking – a potential technological step up for PSVR 2. We also learned about an AI PS5 assistant as well as a possible DualSense controller variant that will include back buttons.

Source: Respawn First

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  1. You’ve seen the DualSense, now experience the NonSense. ;)

  2. They are Japanese, it’ll make complete sense over there.

    • My thoughts exactly. They’re already having a hard time getting their younger generations to want to date! This would be perfect for all those boys and girls who play solo 😳

  3. Daft-looking? I think it looks really good..! I want one, and I’ll probably fall in love with it in no time… ;-)

  4. Read the actual patent. It’s full of all sorts of amusing nonsense.

    The freaky little robot sheep/cloud thing can listen for such common expressions of displeasure as “Oops” and update the “joy” index accordingly. And yes, it is the “joy” index in quotes.

    And it has a “love” index you can increase by stroking it. Or decrease by telling it to shut up or kicking it. Which is pretty much how real people work, I guess. (Although kicking your loved ones is generally a bad idea. Unless that’s your thing and they consent to it, in which case go for it)

    The patent also contains the words “let’s got to bed soon”. The language of patents sometimes goes in circles and gets all vague and confusing, but I think that suggestion comes after some sort of grooming process.

    Good job the chances of Sony ever making this robosheep are close to zero.

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