Nintendo to hold one-off Splatfest and Splatoon 2 Special Demo

Though the regular events and updates have dried up for Splatoon 2, Nintendo are sending out their multiplayer shooter for one last job in May. They’ll be releasing a Splatoon 2 Special Demo next week, and later in May will be reviving the Splatfest weekend events as an extra special one-off.

The Splatoon 2 Special Demo will be available for one week from 29th April at 7PM UK time, ending on 6th May at 3:59PM UK time. You will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, but if you download the demo from the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo will send you a code for a 7-day free trial to redeem on the eShop. This is regardless of if you’ve previously used a free trial.

The main event for longtime fans of the game, though, is the revived Splatfest limited-time event. These have the playing community pick a side and then battle it out for superiority, whether it’s Trick or Treat for Halloween, or deciding the future of the series with a battle for Order or Chaos, which was the final Splatfest for the game last July.

For this time, Nintendo are digging into the archives and picking out Mayo vs. Ketchup. This will run from Friday 22nd May at 11PM UK time until Sunday 24th May at 11PM UK time.

Team Mayo won, despite losing the popularity vote last time around, so will Team Ketchup be able to turn things around this time?

Splatoon 2’s easily one of my favourite games on Switch, with Nintendo’s unusual shooter standing out from the crowd. In our Splatoon 2 review, I wrote:

“A fairly straightforward sequel to one of the Wii U’s best games, Splatoon 2’s unique take on the online multiplayer shooter is as fresh as ever on Switch. Nintendo still have one foot in the past with online functionality, stubbornly sticking to their (paint) guns when they should be learning from others, but these flaws are easily covered up once you get into a game. At its heart, Splatoon 2 is a second helping of one of the most inventive shooters of the last decade.”

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