Predator: Hunting Grounds – how to parry Predator attacks

In Predator: Hunting Grounds each match sets the scene for a tense showdown between a group of soldiers and the titular horror film icon from the 80s.

There will be times when the two forces come directly face to face and in those first few matches you may think the Predator has an unfair advantage.


Although the alien’s shoulder-mounted rockets can dish out plenty of damage, the easiest way to get a kill is to stealthily drop into the Fireteam ranks and start slashing away with those nasty blades or one of the Predator’s other close range weapons.

If you’re on the receiving end then you may only have seconds to live. It takes a handful of successful hits to down a soldier then several more to finish them off. Unless the Predator decides to perform an execution instead.

There is a way to counter the Predator’s attacks by using a “parry” though it’s never clearly mentioned to you in-game via a tutorial or even an on-screen hint.

How to parry Predator attacks

If facing the Predator when they attack, you may have noticed a sudden “parry” button prompt. However, the window is so small that you may not even be able to register which button to press.

What the game wants you to do is perform a melee attack. Aside from stealth killing NPC grunts this is really its only other use as a Fireteam soldier.

In order to perform a parry you’ll need to time your melee attack perfectly, pressing the button just as the Predator’s weapon make contact with your character. It’s a tricky, risky maneuver to perform though one you can learn to pull off with some practice.

The best way to learn is by experimenting when you’re next being chased down by the Predator. Wait for them to come to you and try to match the rhythm of their close range attack with you own.

A successful parry will temporarily stun the Predator, allowing you to put some space between you with your teammates hopefully focusing fire on them. Parrying has the potential to severely slice into the Predator’s health bar and, more importantly, may cause that player to freeze or falter. At the very least they’ll likely need to retreat to lick their wounds, consuming one of their health stims.

Again, it’s a risky move and in some situations you may be better off shooting the Predator at close range, from the hip instead.

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