Dead By Daylight update introduces Tome III “Escalation”

Developer Behaviour Interactive have put out a teaser for their next season of Dead By Daylight content.

This third Tome, dubbed “Escalation” will be coming soon with a new wave of challenges and rewards for players to unlock as they delve deeper into the game’s lore.

Behaviour have been stepping up the way they handle progression and rewards since rolling out their Archive update for the popular horror game last year.

Tome III: Escalation will be going live tomorrow on April 29th with the 3.7.0 mid-chapter update due some time today. Here’s what to expect from the new tome:

Tome III: ESCALATION will soon be opened within The Archives, bringing new stories to discover in the world of Dead by Daylight. Witness the Auris, a device capable of peering into the memories of those who’ve entered the Fog. Through it, the mysterious Observer grants players access to a new series of Challenges to help them piece together these memories and his overall role.

Tome III: ESCALATION includes the memories of:
– Kate Denson – BACK TO ZERO
– Anna (The Huntress) – A LOVELY WAR
– Dwight Fairfield – A STORY BY ANY OTHER NAME
– The Legion (Julie) – SOLDIERS OF MAYHEM

If you’ve haven’t played Dead By Daylight for a little while (well, since last October) then you may need catching up on exactly what Tomes are. Halloween saw the release of a new feature called “The Archives” which is similar to the kinds of “battle pass”  we’ve seen in a lot of multiplayer games of late.

Dead By Daylight’s battle pass is slightly more complicated, however, mainly due to Behaviour’s decision to swap recognisable names with something a little more on-brand. Tomes are basically seasons, each one lasting a finite number of days (70 days for Tome I) and presenting players with a branching network of challenges they can opt to complete.

Meanwhile “The Rift” is where you can redeem those points earned while a Tome is active. In doing so you’ll unlock cosmetics and other items that vanish once the rift has closed. Naturally, the team doesn’t want to shelve these assets for good so you can expect them to appear in-game after a set amount of time.

Dead By Daylight isn’t the only asymmetric horror game you should be keeping an eye on with Predator: Hunting Grounds having just launched a week ago. Developed by the same team behind Friday the 13th The Video Game, it scored a decent 6/10 in our review.

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