Payday 2 update 199.3 out on PC, Holdout has been updated

Overkill has released a new update for Payday 2 on PC with update 199.3 (not a typo) primarily focused on reworking the Holdout mode. This means Holdout has more levels including Alesso Heist Entrance, Big Bank Entrance, Golden Grin Casino Entrance, San Martin Bank, and Mallcrasher Entrance. Ten new weapon colours have also been added but these can only be earned through the new Holdout mode. Those colours are crayon green, cat pink, just peachy, ice teal, dove purple, dark blue, rusty red, ultra marine, glacier blue, and Kelly green. The Legacy Tactical outfit from the Slaughterhouse heist has been added, and the skin drop rate as increased from once per week to once per day. There are also 36 new achievements to get. Alongside all of this are fixes and you can check out the full update notes below.

Payday 2 199.3 changelog update patch notes


  • Fixed a crash when going into custody while using sentry guns
  • Fixed an issue with switching profiles after purchasing assets using the “sixth sense” skill
  • Fixed an infinite loading occurring while previewing skins on the Steam marketplace when the Steam Overlay was disabled


  • Fixed an issue on Big Oil day 2 where the Guards would not get alerted when the basement door was opened
  • Fixed a potential soft-lock on Biker Heist day 1 if certain doors were opened before the objective was triggered
  • Fixed some graphical issues with the fridges on Border Crossing
  • Fixed an issue on Brooklyn Bank where clients could get stuck inside the winch
  • Fixed an issue on Car Shop where civilians could get alerted when seeing a computer that has previously been hacked
  • Fixed an issue on Counterfeit where players could get stuck behind the ladder
  • Fixed an issue on Diamond Heist where the escape would not trigger
  • Fixed an issue on Firestarter day 2 where all team AI would stand on the same spot
  • Fixed an issue on No Mercy Hospital where the enemies could get stuck behind a wall
  • Fixed an issue on Rats day 1 where a sentry gun could be placed near the shed and the enemies would not be able to destroy it
  • Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where the Fabergé egg did not have an outline
  • Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where the AI would move around the level in stealth if a client had left the game
  • Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank with an invisible collision in a window by the side entrance
  • Fixed some minor graphical issue on San Martín Bank
  • Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where the glass did not break when an AI jumped through the windows at the front of the bank
  • Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where you could interact with the cup through furniture
  • Fixed some gaps on San Martín Bank near the security boxes
  • Fixed an issue on Scarface Mansion where some debris could be seen floating above the ground
  • Fixed an issue on White House where the player could get stuck in a coat hanger
  • Removed folders from various levels related to the 2017 Locke & Load event that did not have any functionality


  • Fixed skins that applied over the lens on sights
  • Made “Boost” weapon mods purchasable with Continental Coins
  • Fixed an issue with how the Advanced Combat Sight was applied to the Piglet Grenade Launcher


  • Added descriptive text to items locked behind an achievement
  • Added a prompt for what button to use when tased
  • Fixed some issues with the Japanese font


Hotfix 199.3.1 Changelog

Update size: 26,9Mb

  • Fixed an issue where Holdout objectives would not show correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Telemetry approval popup would appear multiple times if you had declined data gathering

Source: Overkill

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